Moving to Penang

Transition is Normal

Transition is normal and predictable. People of all cultures have similar experiences and our behaviors and responses are similar as well. How we define, make sense of, and integrate our experiences, determines the success of our transition. It may be difficult to imagine it now, but we can actually thrive through transition and emerge as stronger and more resilient people.

In addition to the New Parent Breakfast where new families network with each other and tap into the numerous resources represented by the Dalat Community, the school has a wonderfully active, energetic and enthusiastic Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). Feel free to email them at

The school is an integral part of a larger community. All school staff attend various churches in Penang and are active in outreach groups, charitable and relief projects, worship teams, teaching Sunday School and leading youth groups. You may find a church group that is loving and supportive and can help your family adjust to all the new variables you’ve encountered.


Moving to Penang?

Are you planning to relocate to Malaysia? To make such a transition as smooth as possible, try to be well-prepared before heading off. One website that can help with such information is InterNations GO! they provide you with plenty of advice on visa regulations, safety, transportation, and more.