Transcript Request

Policies and Procedures for Requesting Documents

Transfer & University Application Transcripts (Initial and Mid-Year):

If your child is transferring to another school prior to graduation or needs a transcript for application to university or work, please fill out the details of your request via the link below. Hard copies of your transcripts and documents can be collected from the registrar’s office ( in the front office on the ground floor of the Harbor building (8 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday).

Please note: you must request your document at least 7 days prior to the deadline indicated. In the case of letters of recommendation (LORs), you must request them at least 4 weeks prior to the deadline. Please do not wait until the last week of school to request all of your documentation. For Korean university required documentation, we recommend submitting your request for special documents in March or April prior to graduation.

Senior students (12th grade) can request up to 10 university electronic submissions or hard copies maximum of either their initial (showing academics through the end of 11th grade) or mid-year (showing content through the end of semester one of 12th grade) transcript.

Final Transcripts (From high school graduation until 1 year post-graduation):

At graduation each senior will receive 3 free hard copies and 3 free electronic copies of their final transcript. The final transcript cannot be electronically submitted to individuals. It can only be sent from Dalat to an institution. It is the student’s responsibility to post/courier hard copy transcripts and documents to universities.

Letters of Recommendation (LORs):

If you need an LOR for purpose of transfer to another high school or for something not related to a university application (e.g. summer internship, etc.), then you must fill out the form below, giving the teacher/staff person at least 4 weeks’ notice in advance of the deadline you set in order to mail the document yourself to the institution to arrive by their deadline.

The student then must also ask the teacher directly to complete the LOR for them. Teachers do not complete LORs in the months of December and May as they are focused on end of semester tasks and completing LORs for college applications. Non-university LORs will have lower priority than university application LORs, so please give the required amount of time for them to be completed. LORs are only submitted by Dalat in electronic format directly to your institution or printed in a sealed envelope for your collection at school and for you to mail.

When entering your due date for the LOR to be completed please bear in mind that it will be your responsibility to mail the hard copy LOR envelope as Dalat does not mail out student documents.

The process for university application LORs only is shown below and is explained to students in class. Students in 12th grade, not parents, need to be the ones making their LOR requests via the form below.

Special Documents:

Should your university require special documents other than the transcript and LORs (e.g. copy of the diploma, letters of attendance, etc.), please indicate that in the form link below. Prior to leaving school or Penang, you must collect your documents from the registrar’s office. For requests after you have left Penang, the registrar will inform you of shipping costs involved to courier mail (e.g. FedEx/UPS) your documents as we do not post using Pos Malaysia.

Korean University Document Information

Final Transcripts (For requests made more than 1 year post-graduation):

For those who have graduated from Dalat International School more than one year ago please make your transcript request through the Student Transcript Depository at the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

The Student Transcript Depository Services ensures:

View more information here:

The people of ACSI, in their Colorado Springs headquarters and the eighteen regional offices around the world, are eager to assist educators and schools in guiding their students to reach their full potential.

If you have graduated less than one year ago please contact the Dalat Registrar for more information.