Completing the Withdrawal Form & Survey

Parents/guardians of students who will be leaving Dalat International School must complete the Withdrawal Form & Survey. Please fill out and submit this form.

To receive your Holding Deposit refund, the Director of Admissions must be informed in writing (via the online withdrawal form) no later than:

Families who submit the online withdrawal notification will be contacted by the Director of Admissions with confirmation. Contact the Director of Admissions if you do not receive confirmation at: admissions@dalat.org. Failure to submit this form may result in a delay in refunding any deposit which may be due to you.

Student Records

Dalat requires at least two weeks notice for transcripts and/or school records.

Transcripts, school records and the leaving certificate will not be released until all outstanding fees are paid and all school materials and books are returned.

Please submit requests for the release of documents to the Registrar, not Admissions. A transcript request is included on the withdrawal form, which is automatically received by our registrar. You may also contact the registrar at: registrar@dalat.org.


Your account at the School will be closed upon the proper notification of student withdrawal. The amount of HOLDING DEPOSIT (and other excess monies, if any) net of arrears / reimbursements / charges shall be refunded to the parent by a (local) cheque made in favor of the parent (unless otherwise requested). Parents may request that the refund be made via wire transfer. However, the cost of such bank transfer (including foreign exchange differences) shall be borne solely by the parents. Please provide the Finance Office with cheque/bank details.

If notification took place prior to the withdrawal notification deadline refunds will be received within 2 weeks from the last day of school. To facilitate the refund accounts will be closed for charging from either the beginning of May or December(depending on departure).

Late Withdrawal

Any current student who fails to show up for school on the first day of school, without notifying the school or paying tuition fees, will be given two school days to confirm their return by e-mail or phone. If merely arriving late, tuition must be paid to hold the spot. The school will both e-mail and call as a reminder. After two days, the spot will be made available for an incoming student on the waitlist.

Visa Cancellation

Please note that all students on a student pass are responsible for cancelling their student and guardian passes prior to leaving the country. (This applies to graduating seniors as well.) Failure to do so may result in difficulties returning to Malaysia at any time. Proof of cancelled student/guardian pass is also required to receive a refund of the bond held with the school.

You must give the immigration representative at Mcubed at least a 3-4 week notice for cancellation of passes. Please contact them directly at solutions@mcubed.com.my. Adequate notice of departure and adequate time allotted for cancellation is the responsibility of each family.

If you have any questions, please contact the Immigration Representative at MCubed.

Withdrawing Checklist


Unwanted school uniforms can be returned to the school office to be distributed to needy families. No refund will be given.

Bus Service

Please notify any School Bus Service that you will be leaving the school.

Text Books

Students are to have all their teachers sign the Checkout form for returning all text books. A fine of RM100 will be charged to your account if the Checkout form is not returned. A charge for unreturned textbooks will also be incurred.


All library books need to be returned.


Lockers will need to be cleaned and checked before leaving.

Student ID

Student ID card is to be returned to the office or class teacher otherwise a RM25 fee will be incurred.