Alumni Stories

Our alumni live and work worldwide, and Dalat’s spirit of service is ever-present in the hearts and minds of so many. Take some time to rediscover what some of your fellow classmates are now doing.


Recent campus visits include Trevor Ronning (2019) and Alex Shing (2019).

Dalat Alumna Yealim Ko Serves in the International Arena

Yealim Ko, (2010) is doing amazing work in Korea! Ko, who is fluent in Korean, English, and Chinese, serves as a translator for the Korean government.


Recent campus visits include Cathy (Swanson) Bliss (1984), and husband Brian; Vivian Chang and Courtney Soon (2019).

Author Marcie Flinchum Atkins, Class of 1993

Marcie is a librarian at Belvedere Elementary School in Falls Church, Virginia. She’s also a writer with five new books out in 2019.

August 2019...Welcome back to Dalat, Alumni and Friends!

Recent campus visits include Karl Chan (2019), Annabelle Teoh, Mandy Lim, Lauren Lee, En Min Saw, Amanda Low, and Nathan Chand (2019), Chan Yang Kim (2013), Denise Sinaga (1985), Sin Ler Oo (2019), Tim Baek (2019), Alice Chang and Vivien Chang (2019), Ryna Mayekar (2019), Alicia Chin (2019), Gabriel and Gabriela Brito, Sarah Lee (2019) and Harin Park, Hyan Ji Kim, Rosie Shin (2018), Xu An Lim (2019), Yao Tan (2019), Seong-Min Kim (2019)

May/June 2019...Welcome back to Dalat, Alumni and Friends!

Recent campus visits include Dan Hensley (1988), Saarah Monawvil (2011), Tommy Han, Chan Won, and Rahul Gill (2018) Peter Kim and Elynn Tan (2018) Bena Mauger (2017), Po Lai (2006), Sam Hoffer (2017), Kayla Ronning (2018), and Jessica Dryfka (2006)

Update from the Fowler Family

In 2004, after 41 years of service with the C&MA, including 10 years as field director, Chuck and Midge retired and settled in Salem, Oregon. They were dorm parents at Dalat for two years (1976-1977)…

Film Produced by Dalat Alumnus Now on Netflix

A film by Theo Love (Class of 2004), who is a film editor, director, and producer, was released by Netflix on March 29. The Legend of Cocaine Island is a documentary about a desperate man going on a buried treasure hunt for $2 million.

Alumnus Benjamin Tse is College Valedictorian

Dalat is proud of our graduate, Benjamin Tse, Class of 2015, for maintaining a 4.0 grade-point average throughout his university career and attaining valedictorian status at Nyack College.

Welcome back to Dalat, Alumni and Friends!

Recent campus visits include Elisa (Hsiu) Jenny (1997), Erin (Henry) Furgerson (1993), Curt Laird (1980) and his wife Katrina, and Robert Whiting (2005) and his wife Becca.

Welcome back to Dalat, Alumni and Friends!

In March, we welcomed Kohei Shimizu (2008), back to Dalat. He is shown here with his wife Karen (on the right) and their friend traveling with them. Thanks for visiting!

Update from Alumna Deb (Rexilius) Discher, Class of 1975

“My husband and I have lived in Minnesota and been ministering at the same church, Constance Evangelical Free Church, for almost 33 years. We are blessed with 12 grandchildren…”

Recent Alumni Visits to Dalat

Recent campus visits include David Fitzstevens (1969), Tim Undheim (1970), Dwight Martin (1974), and Mike Wood (1985); Caitlin Goh (2017); Aaron Tan & Daniel Kim (both Class of 2018). 

Congratulations to a standout swimmer

Elynn Tan (2018)

Recent Dalat graduate Elynn Tan is a stand-out swimmer at Iowa State University! From the Iowa State Daily: “Elynn Tan has had one of the most outstanding seasons for a Cyclone freshman swimmer in recent history.”

Alumni & friends who have dropped by recently

Juliet DeVette (2012)

This driven alum, who visited campus in October, is breaking into the film and TV industry in the U.S.

Alumni Release New Film & Plan Book About Foster Care

Nathanael & Christina Matanick (2005)

Dalat alumni Nathanael and Christina (Robertson) Matanick (both 2005), who have produced award-winning films about children in foster care, are set to release a new film this month (See the trailer here) and are completing an anthology of art and stories by foster children.

Consider Designating Dalat in Your Will

Mark Overgaard (1967)

Dalat changed the trajectory of my life. Though Dalat moved across three countries during my time there, it was a haven of stability for me. Dalat provided opportunities for me to excel in academics, sports, and student activities; high school in America would likely have been a very different experience. I’m grateful for the life skills I learned at Dalat and the lifelong friendships I made there, among both students and staff.

I AM SO THankful for dalat

Carolyne Van Valkenburg

God did so much for me at Dalat! I praise God for the first-class dorm parents and dedicated teachers. I know they prayed for me because as I grew into adulthood I learned that I could do all things through Christ who does strengthen me.

Tragic Loss in the Dalat Alumni Community

Todd (1988) & Debbie Adams

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the loss of Emily Adams, daughter of Dalat alumnus Todd Adams (’88) and his wife Debbie, on October 4. Emily, who was 21 year old, passed away in Arkansas, United States, following a car accident.

Making Legends From Behind the Lens

Theo Love (2004)

Dalat alumnus Theo Love (2004), who is a film editor, director, and producer, recently released his latest film, White Tide: The Legend of Culebra, to rave reviews. This incredible real-life story has been screened at several film festivals across the United States this year, and Netflix has purchased the film’s global streaming rights.

Ordinary Radicals

Jonathan Hayashi (2009)

Jonathan Hayashi’s book Ordinary Radicals: A Return to Christ-Centered Discipleship is now available. The book explores how the gospel you believe determines the disciple you make, and that radical discipleship is about nothing more and nothing less than laying bare the roots of the gospel.

Recent Alumni Visits to Dalat

Recent campus visits include former Dalat dorm parents Perry and Toni RollinsAlice Chen (2000) & Jenny Lai (2002); Robert (Bob) Schilling (1978);