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Dalat Students Learn

…about the implications and impact of philanthropy during their early school years so they value community forward solutions that positively influence their world.

Our students learn that they are part of something bigger than themselves, that their actions toward others matter. Parents, teachers and other adults who model philanthropy in their lives can help make all the difference in who they become. They desire to promote the welfare of others and impact the quality of life in our greater community.

Charitable Giving at Dalat Matters…

Gifts from families, alumni, and community have high impact, keeping Dalat healthy and stable by offsetting ever-increasing costs of providing quality education, while keeping tuition affordable for families. Donations allow us to build new initiatives, complete campus improvements, prepare teachers with the continuing education they need to teach, student scholarships, and provide students with life skills and opportunities not covered by tuition.

Dalat undertakes one school-wide giving opportunity every year, the Dalat Annual Fund. Proceeds from the Annual Fund go to work immediately to provide support that is visible in every classroom, every day. We ask families and alumni to consider giving as they are able, toward outcomes that they find meaningful.  

To discuss the details or for answers to any questions, please contact the Director of Development at +6 04 375-2100 or

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