Charitable Giving at Dalat Matters

Gifts from families, alumni, and our community have high impact! Donations keep Dalat healthy and stable by offsetting the ever-increasing costs of providing quality education, while keeping tuition affordable for families.

Support from the community allows Dalat to provide scholarships for students, to build new programs and initiatives, complete campus improvements, prepare teachers with the continuing education they need to grow, and offer students the life skills and opportunities that tuition alone cannot provide.

Dalat undertakes a school-wide giving opportunity every year, the Dalat Annual Fund. Proceeds from the Annual Fund go to work immediately, and is visible in every classroom, every day. We ask families, alumni, friends– and even students! — to give as they are able, coming together to support outcomes that each donor finds meaningful.

“We are humbled and amazed with the connection God has orchestrated between Dalat and Heritage AFlame. We are grateful for donors who have the desire to advance God's Kingdom. Please let the administration and staff know that we are in prayer for the entire Dalat community. We are thankful for the great work you are doing.”
- Heritage AFlame Ministries

Those who love and support our school find creative ways to give! It’s easy to set up an ongoing monthly gift, or you can even include Dalat in your estate plans through the Founders Legacy Society. Every gift counts.

Learn more about the needs and priorities for giving to Dalat, and check our FAQs for answers to a few common questions.

To learn more, please contact the Director of Development via phone or WhatsApp at +6 016 605-2270 or Thank you for your interest in supporting the ongoing work of educating students for life here at Dalat International School!

Dalat Students Learn

…about the implications and impact of philanthropy during their early school years so they value community forward solutions that positively influence their world.

Our students learn that they are part of something bigger than themselves, that their actions toward others matter. Parents, teachers and other adults who model philanthropy in their lives can help make all the difference in who they become. They desire to promote the welfare of others and impact the quality of life in our greater community.

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