Note from Alumna Carolyne Van Valkenburg

God did so much for me at Dalat! I praise God for the first-class dorm parents and dedicated teachers. I know they prayed for me because as I grew into adulthood I learned that I could do all things through Christ who does strengthen me.

I grew throughout all those early years because of the special revival services we had at the beginning of each year. Today I live a lovely fulfilling life and still feel like on my honeymoon with my husband, a gift from God after 43 years of marriage. And we are still in full-time Christian service. I am very, very blessed in every way and very, very happy! The credit goes all to God but also to the faculty and my dear roommates who helped me grow up as well. My favorite verse is Matthew 6:33. It is as true today as in every year of my life since first grade at Dalat in Vietnam all the way to graduation from Dalat at Tanah Rata.

Thank you and God richly continue to bless you!!

In God’s Grace Alone,
Carolyne Van Valkenburg

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