God's Perfect Timing: A Testimony from the Asbury Revival

Marissa Yost

Class of 2022

Current Asbury University student

225 hours!

That is how long the Asbury Revival has been going on as I write this article.

After an ordinary chapel service at Asbury University on Wednesday, February 8, some students felt moved to stay and continue worshiping God. After a while, more students returned and joined and started reading Scripture and praying for each other.

That has just continued, 24 hours a day. God created a tangible, irresistible atmosphere of peace and love and worked in many of our hearts to long for Him again.

For the last week, people from all over – other college campuses, other states, even from other countries – have flooded the Asbury University campus. What’s more, many other campuses and churches have started revivals as well!

We sing, pray in groups and individually, share testimonies of what Jesus has done in our lives, read life verses and scripture passages, and have times of repentance. God has physically healed people, freed others from addictions, and most beautifully, brought many people to salvation.

There are so many cool things I could share. So many would-be coincidences, but that’s just it: there are too many for them to be accidents. God has graciously decided to perform some amazing miracles here.

One of the many miracles I still marvel at was what an elderly Malaysian woman shared during the first Sunday afternoon. She said that three years ago, she and her husband heard God calling them to Wilmore, Kentucky (where Asbury University is) to pray for revival. Last May, they heard Him calling them to go to New York for something else. They were confused – for a revival had not happened – but they trusted God and went.

Last month, they visited Malaysia to take care of some family business. And then, they decided to visit Wilmore on the way back to New York. What’s cool? They arrived on February 7, and the revival started on February 8! God’s timing is perfect! He answered their long-said prayers and let them see the fruits of their labor.

There are so many other awesome things I have seen and heard. I wish I could write them all here. We praise God for His mighty acts and thank Him for turning this generation back to Him. May the peace and zeal for God we have felt in Kentucky continue to spread to the ends of the earth!

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