Note from Alumna Carolyne Van Valkenburg

Dalat alumnus Theo Love (2004), who is a film editor, director, and producer, recently released his latest film, White Tide: The Legend of Culebra, to rave reviews. The film is a documentary about a desperate man going on a buried treasure hunt for $2 million worth of cocaine in the Caribbean. This incredible real-life story has been screened at several film festivals across the United States this year, and Netflix has purchased the film’s global streaming rights. It will be retitled The Legend of Cocaine Island and released in 2019.

A few alumni showed their support, attending one of the film’s screenings in September at the Port Townsend Film Festival (Port Townsend, Washington) in the United States.

From left to right: David Andrianoff, ’64; Jean Andrianoff, former Dalat staff; Bethany (Andrianoff) Thomas, ’94 and former staff; Joseph Lee, ’03; Theo Love, ’04; Andrea Ratzloff, ’99; Nick Ratzloff, ’03; Ruthie (Mundhenk) Martinez, ’99.

Theo previously produced 30 for 30 Shorts (2012), State of Play (2013), and Little Hope Was Arson (2013), the latter of which received multiple awards.

Read more about Little Hope Was Arson here:
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More about White Tide: The Legend of Culebra (now renamed The Legend of Cocaine Island) is available here:
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