Reuniting with Far-Away Friends

Larry Chinn and Cheryl Franceschi from Dalat’s development office spent two weeks in the U.S. in March visiting with several alumni on the West Coast.

Colorado Springs Alumni Reunion:

Graduates from several decades gathered for dinner at the Colorado Springs home of Alan and Michelle Van’t Land. Photo above: (back row from left) Chris Skellie (’94), Becky (North) McCully (’83), Alan Van’t Land (’98), Laura Van’t Land (’02), Bob Carlsen (’68), (front row from left) Larry Chinn (Dalat Staff), Marty (Larson) Anderson (’65), Cheryl Franceschi (Dalat Staff). Arriving after photos were taken was Carl Frohman (’96).

Stebbins in Colorado Springs:

Jeff (’78) and Beth (Roesler) Stebbins (’78) could not join the reunion, but met Larry Chinn and Cheryl Franceschi for dinner in Colorado Springs.

Denver Alumni lunch:

A few folks in the Denver metro area met at the Makan Malaysian Café to share stories with Larry and Cheryl.  (Photo above, left to right) Susan (Hensley) Scott (’90), Joshua Hensley (Dan’s son) Dan Hensley (’88) Benjamin Hensley (Dan’s son), Jennifer Hensley (Dan’s wife), Anna (Hoffmeyer) Michaud (’13).

Bay Area Meet-Up:

A San Francisco Bay area group of alumni met at the home of Kathy and Brian Denning brought together (photo above, left to right) Cheryl Franceschi (Dalat Staff), Carrie (Stern) Jensen (’94), Kathy (Kayser) Denning (’95), Brian Denning (Kathy’s husband), Paul Abrams (’75), and Linda Abrams (Paul’s wife).

Mark Overgaard:

Further south on the California coast, Larry and Cheryl visited with 1967 graduate Mark Overgaard and his wife Bonnie. Mark, now retired, is developing his craft as an travel photographer. He currently is showing of his large body of photographic work at the Scotts Valley Public Library. (photo above).


In Phoenix, best elementary school friends Angela Harding and Christine Schilling reconnected for a fun evening of stories and laughs. Photo above: (Left to right) Spencer Codding (Angela’s husband), Christine (Schilling) Hildebrand (’83), Cheryl Franceschi (Dalat Staff), Angela (Harding) Codding (’83) and Don Hildebrand (Christine’s husband).

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