1 march 2019

Happy Birthday Dalat!
Celebrate 90 Years with us.

In 2019, Dalat celebrates 90 years of God’s incredible goodness to our school community! To honor and recognize our school’s special history and all of the ways alumni are part of the fabric of Dalat, we invite YOU to be part of our year of festivities!

It’s because of you — those who have experienced and contributed to Dalat’s great journey through time — that this school serves students and the community the way we do today.

A good way to connect is through media, so we invite you to send a short video (around 30+ seconds) to share some simple words to congratulate Dalat. We are looking for quick, informal videos that either:

  • share what Dalat has meant to you,
  • give good wishes to Dalat for the future, or
  • offer simple congratulations to the school

As you create your video, please mention your name and the year you graduated or attended.

Former staff member Dwight Carlblom has something to say:

We’ll post the videos on social media and on the alumni website. Please contact us at alumni@dalat.org.

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