Daily Dorm Routine

Meeting Dorm Students Daily Needs

Each school day morning begins with a home-made breakfast prepared by the dorm parents in each dorm home. Before students head off for school, they are responsible to take their laundry to housekeeping and tidy their rooms

Weekend activities include trips to the mall for shopping, movies, bowling, and eating out, the night market on the tourist strip of Batu Feringgi, or downtown Georgetown for trendy coffee shops, street art, and local shopping. Penang is famous for delicious and affordable local food stalls which Dalat students enjoy on a regular basis.

Since the dorm has close, easy access to the beach, the boarding program also provides kayaks and standing boards for dorm students to enjoy water sports (with parent and dorm parent permission). Some students also enjoy staying home to relax, enjoy campus life, and work ahead on school projects over weekends.

The dorm staff are committed to nurturing dorm students. They take care of the personal, individual needs of each student, while in regular communication with their parents, to partner together to provide the highest quality of care.

Dorm parents monitor the academic progress of students, ensuring they have the support and accountability they need to succeed. They plan regular family Bible reading and prayer times, sometimes together as a dorm family, sometimes with the boys and girls in separate groups. They arrange special outings and service projects in the local community for students to enjoy together. They provide a safe, home-like environment and caring presence, so that dorm students can thrive at Dalat.