Dorm Student Quotes

What Do Dorm Students Appreciate?


I love how the dorm feels like a family. You can rely on your dorm sisters and brothers for anything. Everyone is very caring and supportive. By living in the dorm, I have learned to be more independent and manage my time better; it has also helped my spiritual life a lot.

Min Guk

Living in the dorm for five years, I’ve never been more blessed! There’s nothing better than knowing that you are loved by two families who got your back. Being in the dorm has been one of the greatest experiences I’ve had because I’ve grown spiritually and mentally.


When you haven’t boarded before, the idea of living in the dorms is scary. You might think that it’s like what they show in movies; but I can assure you it isn’t like that. Living in the dorms here at Dalat is so peaceful; it becomes your second home. The dorm parents are loving and caring; they feel like your best friend’s parents when you go over to their house. Amazing doesn’t even begin to cover it.


The sense of community and love is so strong. After a long day, it is comforting to come home and talk to your dorm family. I have formed deeper relationships with people who I never would have known otherwise.

Jun Seoung

I like everything about the dorm, there is lots to keep me active and fit and there is always someone to help me understand my homework.


I appreciate the effort that staff put in to make the dorms feel like a home – it works!


I love being in the dorms. There is always something going on, so you’re never bored. My dorm parents are really nice too, they helped me a lot in transitioning into the dorms. I love my dorm family.


I like the dorm because you can always see your friends. Plus they are a whole new family of yours! 


I like living in the dorm because it is a community of different cultures and nationalities. It’s very fun, and it also teaches me a lot of things. The dorm family is like my second home.  


My dorm parents became like my parents, I love them.


I love living in the dorm because my dorm parents provide a caring and conducive environment for me to study and have fun with friends. There is never a dull moment! 


I love the diverse cultures that coexist within each dorm which gives us the opportunities to learn the value of different places. Also, delicious goodies from all around the world make living in the dorm extra special!