Program Distinctives

Our International Reputation

Our boarding program is internationally renowned for these distinctive qualities:

  • A vibrant and affirming community that fosters a sense of belonging.
  • Strong Christian values and a positive family atmosphere in each dorm.
  • Wise and gracious parenting provided by caring staff.
  • Daily nurture personalized to meet the holistic needs of each student.
  • Academic support that inspires the pursuit of excellence.
  • Guidance in spiritual formation, personal maturity and responsibility.
RESIDENCE LIFE SUPERVISORS: Brian and Valerie Weidemann
  • Commitment to the safety, protection and empowerment of students.
  • Opportunities for leadership development and compassionate service.
  • Close partnership and regular communication with parents.
  • Beautiful campus with ocean-view, green space and sports facilities.
  • Diverse local community ideal for cultural exploration and developing a global perspective and multi-cultural skills.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement of the program to honor the trust of parents and students.