Vision & Values

Vision for Dalat Boarding

We are committed to providing the highest quality personal care for dorm students to enrich their educational experience and maximize their potential to contribute positively to the world.

Student Values

We desire that our expectations and guidelines be value-driven, so that our students do not merely comply with a list of arbitrary rules, but learn the importance of making careful choices based on internalized values. Dorm staff are committed to modeling these qualities and mentoring our students to embrace these values for themselves. We expect these outcomes through our students’ experience in our boarding program:

Our dorm staff desire to see each boarding student grow in his or her understanding of God’s love. Each dorm family will spend time reading the Bible and praying together, as well as attending local church services. In addition to these formal times of spiritual instruction, our staff provide Biblical guidance and counsel to boarding students.

As we live in close quarters and a small community, an extra measure of consideration needs to be shown to one another. Students are expected to show respect for dorm-mates, dorm parents, teachers, support staff, and those in our community.

The boarding program operates on a trust basis. We trust our students to follow the guidelines of the school and of the boarding program. Realizing that maturity comes through learning from one’s mistakes, we expect students to be cooperative in accepting the consequences for misbehavior. This process helps students mature and develop into people of integrity.

Students are encouraged to develop and maintain healthy relationships that are marked by love, consideration, purity and forgiveness. Staff encourage and help students to resolve interpersonal conflicts in appropriate ways.

Staff provide academic accountability for students to ensure they give their best effort to their studies. This includes teaching good time management, study habits and wise use of technology. We strive to help students achieve a healthy balance between reaching their academic goals while making time for friends, family and hobbies.

A student’s attitude determines whether his or her dorm stay will be a positive experience or not. Staff and students work together to foster an atmosphere of gratefulness, helpfulness, and unity in dorm families. We expect dorm students to contribute positively to the dorm family, in their attitudes and actions.

Staff help students learn to maintain appropriate personal habits, use technology wisely, eat well-balanced meals, use good manners, and adhere to school safety rules. We expect students to grow in these areas as they have opportunity to practice in the dorm.

We believe that our students’ boarding experience is enhanced by reaching out to those in need in our community. Service builds character and gives students a good perspective. Dorm families will seek opportunities to serve together in their community.

Staff Values

As a Residence Life staff team, we value: