The following is a list of all Academic related pages on this website.

The Dalat Curriculum is an American-Style, College-Preparatory Curriculum

Offering students the foundations necessary for their journey in life.

Understanding the Carnegie Unit and Dalat’s Course Credit

A set number of credits are required in specific subject areas in grades 9 through 12 to fulfill requirements for graduation.

College Bound Students: Graduation Requirements for College and University

Our students gain the skills and knowledge required to succeed at universities and colleges all over the world.

Understanding CLEP: Earn Course Credit for What you Already Know

Developed by the college board, the people behind AP and SAT, the college-level examination program (CLEP) exams test mastery of college-level material acquired in a variety of ways.

Our Advanced Placement (AP) Program Offers College Level Courses to all...

The Advanced Placement program, commonly called “AP” is a program that offers college level courses at high schools across the United States and Canada.

Welcome to High School

We are a great team of professional, enthusiastic and caring teachers who work towards providing quality educational opportunities for all students.

Welcome to Middle School

Middle school at Dalat is an exciting place, encompassing students in grades 5-8. Our versatile program meets many of their needs.

Fine & Performing Arts: Music, Drama, and Visual Arts

Dalat's Fine & Performing Arts department nurtures creativity and an appreciation for the arts in young artists.

Welcome to Elementary School

Providing a safe, vibrant, and welcoming place where students are educated and nurtured by dedicated and highly trained teachers and staff.

Welcome to Academics

Dalat’s curriculum provides a broad basis in general education and a strong preparation for universities worldwide.