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Penang, MY
Saturday, September 19, 2020

Eagle Games

A full day of team building and fun activities made up this year’s high school Eagle Games, which was at the Penang Youth Park.

Alumni Who Have Dropped By Recently

Who has been visiting the Dalat campus over the last few months?

Making Legends From Behind the Lens

Dalat alumnus Theo Love (2004), who is a film editor, director, and producer, recently released his latest film, White Tide: The Legend of Culebra, to rave reviews.

Ordinary Radicals

Book by alumnus Jonathan Hayashi (2009) on Amazon.

Alumni Reunion in Korea

At the same time folks were meeting up for reunions in the western U.S., a group of other...

Reuniting with Far-Away Friends

Larry Chinn and Cheryl Franceschi from Dalat’s development office spent two weeks in the U.S. in March visiting with several alumni on the West Coast.

Dalat Reunions


Note from Alumna Carolyne Van Valkenburg

The credit goes all to God but also to the faculty and my dear roommates who helped me grow up as well...

Notable Alumni


The Harbor Opens!

Dalat’s staff and students were excited to begin school this year with the addition of the Harbor!

Servathon, September 2018

The junior class focused its efforts to bless a children’s home for this year’s annual Servathon.

Alumni Stories




Tragic Loss in the Dalat Alumni Community

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the loss of Emily Adams, daughter of Dalat alumnus Todd Adams and his wife Debbie.