The following is a summary of all the Boarding related pages on this website.

Vision & Values for Boarding

Our values for community living provide students personal freedoms and responsibilities.

Boarding Application: Apply for School and the Boarding Program

Admission to our Boarding Program Is a separate step from admission to the school.

Daily Dorm Routine

Each school day begins with a home-made breakfast prepared by the dorm parents in each home.

Dorm Facilities: Secure and Comfortable Family-style Accommodation

A new dorm building overlooking the ocean provides a lovely home conveniently located on campus.

Dorm Families: Offering Students the Opportunity to Make Life-long Friends

Our dorm families are an enriching experience of culture, diversity, and lasting friendships.

Dorm Staff Profiles: An Enthusiastic Team of Men and Women

Our enthusiastic and nurturing staff include dorm parent couples, dorm assistants, a nurse, and a residence supervisor couple.

What Our Dorm Students Love About Dalat’s Boarding Program

Hear from our students’ own hearts the things they love about Dalat’s boarding program.

Purpose and Priorities: A Residence Life Program With a Homelike Atmosphere

Our program provides personalized care for middle and high school dorm students.

Dalat Boarding: Family, Friends, and a Home Away From Home

A home away from home that offers belonging, nurture, support and teaches life skills.