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The following is a summary of all the Resource related pages on this website.

Child Protection Policy: Cultivating an Atmosphere of Respect, Dignity, and Safety

Dalat is committed to cultivating an atmosphere in which all students are treated with respect and dignity and feel safe and protected.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding All Areas of School Life

Here you will find many helpful answers. If you should have any further questions, please contact us.


Dalat specialised “hybrid” eLearning courses to our students are presented through our DIScourse program.

Dalat Terms & Acronyms

A glossary of dalat terms and acronyms used on this site and in our publications.

Dalat School Library: Encouraging, Inspiring, Equipping

Dalat Library supports students of all ages in their love of reading and learning.

Our Handbooks Provide In-Depth Information on all School Topics and Programs

Dalat handbooks provide valuable, in-depth information on subjects that are important to you.

Personal Data Protection: Protecting Your Privacy

Dalat strives to fully comply with the provisions of the personal data protection policy and protect the privacy of our students and parents/guardians.

Powerschool: World Class Web-based Student Information Management

Dalat is excited to be the third international school in the world and the first in Asia to use PowerSchool student information system.

Reflector Yearbooks: An American Tradition

The yearbook documents daily life and important milestones experienced at Dalat over the course of the year through articles and pictures.

Dalat Videos: Take a Look at All the Great Activities and...

For the latest videos of concerts, dramas, and musicals visit Dalat’s YouTube channel.

School Calendar

The school year is full of rich traditions and exciting events. Our school calendar will help you stay well informed and up-to-date. Please join us!

About This Website: Design, Accessibility, Information

The purpose of this website is to be an informational tool for the community. Dalat has great students, staff, and programs that should be seen!

Distance Learning Resource Center

The DLRC at Dalat International School partners with families in Penang who are educating their children at home.

Axis Resources

Join the conversation! Login to access Dalat's Axis Resources to help your teen.

Axis Resources Login

Join the conversation! Login to access Dalat's Axis Resources to help your teen in meaningful conversations that last a lifetime.