School Life

The following is a summary of all the School Life related pages on this website.

Fine & Performing Arts: Music

From the very beginning stages of their education, Dalat students enjoy a variety of rich musical experiences.

Impact: Authentic Transformation & Innovative Learning Through Service

IMPACT’s service learning opportunities propel students beyond their normal living and learning environments to serve, learn from, and engage with peoples of other cultures.

Technology at Dalat: Meeting the Demands of Today’s Students

Dalat campus is well equipped to meet the technological demands of today’s students. All classrooms have computers connected to the school’s high speed network.

Special Events: Celebrations That Connect Us All

Our Dalat community is a vibrant one and these special events help keep us connected.

Our 2019-2020 School Theme: FOCUS 2020

Each year our school theme reflects some aspect of academic and personal excellence that remains a compelling focus for the school year.

Dalat PTO Welcomes all Families to Grow Together in Community

Dalat encourages and supports the active participation of parents through our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).

Haze And Heat Policy: Dalat’s AQI Guidelines

The air in Penang is generally clean and clear. Here are some of our guidelines when the AQI index moves higher than normal. Our heat index policy is also included.

Fine Arts Festival: Celebrating the work of Dalat’s Actors, Artists and...

Dalat’s annual year-end fine arts festival features drama, music, and the visual arts.

Campus Hours

We would love to see you on campus sometime. Connect with us during these times.

Boy & Cub Scouts: Gaining a Broad Range of Skills for...

Preparing young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the scout oath and law.

Understanding the Dalat Athletic Booster Club (DABC)

The Dalat Athletic Booster Club (DABC) is a growing group of parents, coaches, and our Athletic Director brought together to help support & elevate our sport programs at Dalat.

Dalat Athletics Offers 10 Varsity Programs With Youth Teams Down to...

Discover a broad range of competitive and non-competitive opportunities, including soccer, volleyball, basketball, and track & field/cross country.

School Life: Explore our Special Community That People Call Home

Have you ever heard of a school where the kids don’t want to go home? Where parents have to chase the kids to get in the car and leave?