Campus Development

The Harbor


The Harbor building has three distinct sections: an administrative office and auditorium (≈ 2,461 m2 or 26,488 ft2), a high school wing with three floors of high school classrooms (≈ 2,215 m2 or 23,839 ft2), and a parking lot at the front of the campus.

The administrative office on the ground floor has a combined lobby for both the finance and main office. It includes a staff workroom, staff lounge, conference room, adult restroom facilities, a clinic with beds, and office space for the administrative team. Above this will be a tiered-floored multi-purpose room able to seat 500 people on nearly 5000 square feet. The 1500 square foot stage is roughly double the size of the previous chapel and is suitable for band and choir performances. The facility is conveniently located at the front of campus, next to the high school band room, and offers handicapped access to our patrons with adequate restroom facilities.

The three story high school building sits adjacent and behind the administrative office and auditorium and is contiguous. It includes thirteen classrooms, teacher offices, a uniform storage room and a band room. The building faces the main field with a grand stair case entrance, includes a large lobby for the auditorium, has bathrooms on the ground and first floors and is completely handicap accessible. A highlight of the building is the community yard space that will bring the high school community around a central feature. The walkways include breakout spaces for small groups to meet with balconies overlooking the campus. This design allows for the existing roadway to be maintained, giving access to the ocean end of campus and protecting the trees along the roadway and the open views of the ocean.

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