Education from a biblical worldview

Language Arts /
English / EAL

Dalat International School’s language arts department endeavors to prepare students for life by developing effective written and oral communication skills and cultivating critical evaluation of the themes of depravity or redemption found in literature. In this way, we will biblically empower students to be transforming agents in a fallen world.


“The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.”
Euclid (mathematician) 

Dalat International School’s math department believes that the study of math elucidates the laws of nature, showcases the design of the universe, and reveals and instills awe in the character and works of God. Aiming to glorify God, we pursue excellence through analytical thinking, self-discipline, and perseverance.


Dalat International School’s science department strives to present a biblically faithful and scientifically responsible approach to explaining the processes involved in forming and sustaining the universe as well as understanding the laws of nature. Our key foundational belief is that the discoveries of modern science will always be in harmony with the Word of God.

Social Studies/History

Dalat International School’s social studies department strives to provide a framework of historical and societal knowledge that encourages students to be compassionate, invested members of modern society. We acknowledge God’s ever-guiding hand on the pulse of history, which emphasizes the fundamental worth of each individual — this being the very basis of a tolerant, free, and moral society that is biblically sound and pleasing to God.


Dalat International School’s Bible department strives to teach the Word of God in a way that is faithful to the scriptures and the orthodoxy of the church. Our purpose is to teach the Bible in a relevant manner that is applicable to all areas of life. Our mission is to disciple our students in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and empower them to live it out in their real-world context.

Fine Arts

The fine arts department of Dalat International School recognizes that we are made in the image of a creative God and share in His creativity. It is our calling to lay a biblical foundation for our students so that they can begin their own pursuit of excellence in the arts as a means of praising God.

Modern Languages

Dalat International School’s modern language department strives to prepare students to communicate clearly and effectively, through culturally appropriate means, with speakers of other languages as a way to speak the truth of God’s Word. Our key foundational assumption is that language is to be used for the glory of God since He created language and has used language since the beginning of time.

IT / Research Skills

The Dalat technology department strives to teach our students to use research and technology effectively with their God-given creativity and responsibly based on biblical values. Our aim is to equip students with skills and tools that enable them to succeed in our ever-changing world of information.

Physical Education

Having a biblical worldview in the PE department, we teach students that they are made in the image of God as spiritual and physical beings with the responsibility to care for and develop both of these aspects of their being. Students discover their full potential and cultivate a healthy lifestyle based on respect for themselves and others.