Dalat's Annual Fund is the phenomenon that ignites our school each October. Families, alumni, staff, students, and friends are encouraged to generously help fund the extra resources and tools to fuel the extraordinary teaching and learning that happens at Dalat every day. When everyone helps, the Annual Fund can pave the way for great things!

Funds raised so far in our goal towards RM175,000

RM 193,350

Funded Fully! 100%

Annual Fund Projects

Tricycles & Wagons

RM 8,500
  • Upgrading the current selection of preschool play toys with newer, updated models.
RM 66

Portable Stage

RM 30,000
  • Providing flexibility when showcasing student performances in locations around campus.

Band Instrument Cases

RM 6,500
  • Ensuring that student instruments are kept safe and ready for optimal performance.

Human Joint Models

RM 11,000
  • Helping students in sports medicine and anatomy classes to visualize how the body moves.

Standing Desks

RM 12,000
  • Offering students options in the classroom to better facilitate their learning style.

Microscope Storage

RM 13,000
  • Ensuring that our new scientific learning tools are intact and ready for student exploration.

Environmental Sustainability
Club Project

RM 3,000
  • Equipping students with the tools to repurpose plastics into usable products.

Therapy Unit

RM 11,000
  • Exposing students to this method of treatment for the recovery of sports injuries.

Award Display Case

RM 25,000
  • Establishing a new home on Harbor Hall Deck for highlighting the achievements of our students.

Student IMPACT Project

RM 2,000
  • Partnering with our elementary students in their community outreach to refugee children by providing the backpacks that they will fill with school supplies.

Heritage Chapel Chairs

RM 47,000
  • Outfitting the chapel/event space in the new MS Marina with comfortable seating for students.

Harbor Entrance Ceiling Fans

RM 4,000
  • Making the front entrance of Harbor a more comfortable place for students to gather.

Video Switcher

RM 2,000
  • Giving students hands-on use of new technology for event production in Harbor Hall.

Your participation in this year’s Annual Fund will help us enhance the educational experience for all our students here at Dalat International School.

How Do I Give to the Dalat Annual Fund?

Giving in Malaysia & Worldwide

Cash donations are accepted by Dalat’s Finance Office during regular business hours 8:00 am to 4:00 pm weekdays. A receipt is provided.

Scroll down to see giving from the USA & Canada

Bank Transfer (In Malaysia)

Dalat International School Snd Bhd
Registration #12273-D
Maybank account #00 7143 403698

Please email the remittance slip/bank notification to advancement@dalat.org when the transaction is complete. If you have questions, please call +6 04 685-2100 and ask for the Finance Office.

Touch 'n Go

Scan this QR code with your Touch 'n Go app to make your Annual Fund gift. Please add your name and fund designation in the note section.

Credit Card

We can only accept credit cards in-person in the Advancement Office. Please stop by the school during business hours to make a donation using your credit card.


A check can be accepted in any currency. Please make your check payable to:
“Dalat International School Sdn. Bhd.”
and mail it to:
Advancement Office,
Dalat International School,
Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Penang, Malaysia.

Giving in USA & Canada

Credit Card

In the United States or Canada, credit card donations can be made through Dalat's 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor organization, Resourcing Christian Education International. Please select "Annual Fund 2022" from the dropdown menu when making your donation.

Giving from Canada? Remember to select Dalat International School in the drop down Designation menu once on the giving page.


To donate by check, please make checks payable to: RCE International and designate "Dalat Annual Fund 2022" in the memo line or your check or on a separate piece of paper, and mail to:

RCE International
PO Box 4528
Wheaton, IL 60189

Canadians can support Dalat projects by donating by cheque. Please make the cheque out to RCE Canada with a note indicating the name of the Project (Dalat International School Annual Fund) you wish to support and mail it to:

RCE Canada
c/o The Great Commission Foundation
PO Box 14006
Abbotsford, B.C. V2T 0B4

The 2022 Annual Fund Honor Roll


A gift of RM20,000 or more:


A gift of RM10,000 or more:

High Honor Roll

A gift of RM5,000 or more:


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2022 EAGLE

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Honor Roll

A gift of RM1,000 or more:


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Annual Fund FAQ

The Annual Fund is more than just a fundraiser; it is a community-wide event. By working together, we can make Dalat a better place for our students.

Tuition covers the day-to-day needs of running the school. The Annual Fund allows Dalat to enhance education with lots of great resources!

Annual Fund gifts over the years have provided funding for hundreds of projects, including a board game library, campus umbrellas, Creative Zone supplies, campus tables, Middle School lockers, Harbor Hall lighting upgrades, dorm appliances, and much more!

The Annual Fund provides additional resources for students above what tuition covers. Your annual support of this fund raising campaign is an investment in our children to fulfill the goal of providing an education for life.

Annual Fund is a community wide event for Dalat families, students, staff, and school board members. Everyone is encouraged to get involved. Alumni and former staff have even participated! Donations, large and small, are welcome. You can also encourage others to give, and partner with us in prayer.

The Annual Fund will kick off on Monday, October 2 and will end on Friday, November 3. Gifts will be accepted during that time by cash, check, credit card, or by bank transfer. 

We are asking everyone to give what they are able and with a joyful heart. The important thing is that everyone participates.

Request for gifts to remain anonymous will be honored, and the donor’s name will not appear on any public acknowledgement. However, a name is needed for financial processing purposes.

Unfortunately, not in Malaysia, as Dalat is not a non-profit organization. US-based donors can donate through RCE to ensure their gift is tax deductible.

Please direct questions to Heidy Hartley, Director of Advancement hhartley@dalat.org

Digital Donor Wall

We are grateful for the generosity of those who have partnered with us in the 2023 Annual Fund.

Shawna Wood
Charles & Jean Setzfand
Pearl Park & Junghoon Lim
Will & Winnie Brooks
Joel & Jodie Roberts
Marty & Heidy Hartley
Kin Heng & Jennifer Leong
Brooks Family
David & Tammi Yost
Larry Chinn
Sani Chandra & Djeni Jusup
Stewart Stemple
Roger Jiaxing Qian & Sun Hui
DeJager Family
Bue Lim The
Sarah Smail
Khoo Boo Eng
Dennis & Gwendolyn Kearney
Scott & Terresa Uzzle
Justin Smith
Gene Chui Family
Esther Geh In Lin
Edvent Chin & Chrislivia Wong
Andy & Sara Kearney
Rhea Ng
Kenny & Janet Chan
Gail Janepiriyaprayoon
Zhu Ming Kang
Bethany Weidemann
Alex & Tressa White
Yong Xi Tan
Monica Mohan
Lizzy Neiger
Melanie Fam Li Mei
Sung Jun Park
Shantel Seevaratnam
Eun Hyoung Lee
Gaon Park
Qi Wang
Youngjun Kim
Rebekah Peters
Leo Tien
Sarah Silverstein
Adelyne Hamilton
Middle School Students
Bob & Nancy Wright
Dai Xiaobo
Shao Family
Ming Chuah
Jonah Xueli Shen
Angel Hsu
Zhong Liang
Fan Mengiang & Li Yebing
Xia Fan & Ding Yan
Jennifer Cantrell
Cheryl Boswell
Wang Hui
Berends Family
Bev Stevens
BoSuk Hong
Jing Xi
Bee Yinn Low
Lei Yao & Yan Gao
Matthew Fang
Joshua & Li-Lian Tan
Julie Selvam
Hexen Ong
Grom Family
Kim Family
Mee Kuan
Wilhelm Stoker
Edward Bond
ES Students
Daniel Jung
Lim Wei Chen
Amber Kwon
Linda Ooi
Wong Chee Kien & Chen Feng
Kyung AE Chunh
Marcus Lee
Melissa Johnson
Li Yaoquan
Pat Kilgo
Brighton Tan
Belle Tan
Xiaona Xu
Julia MacKoy
Perry Kim
Ryoma Suenaga
Jon Guffy
Howell Chung
Ta Sha
Perry Kim
Ryoma Suenaga
Jon Guffy
Howell Chung
Ta Sha
Ailee Chan
Grace Ho
Mary Geiman
Brian & Val Wiedemann
Juru Long
Jasper Bui
Jung Mi
Park Family
Heidi Keas
Lee Soo An & Susilawaty
Kevin Chen
Hueting Family
Sunny Kim
Soo Siew Chin
Jonghwa Park
Cat Foster
Rufus and Vijeta Emmanuel
Keun Young Park
Yeoh Chin Leng
Loh Angel
Mark & Junko Tan
Zhi Qiang Huang
Nathan Scharfe
Lenora Beaman
Cheng Li
Chan Lay Li
Goh Ai Ching
Khoo Kuan Jin
Tony & Esther Chuang
Kwon Nawon
Rayca Mary Lim Joon
Soo Siew Chin
You Rennan
Ling Bai
Anya & Kieran Shanmugabalan
John Tompkins
Valeri Brokaw
CS Sim
Pillay Family
Sun Lee
Tina Teoh
Tarin Daniels
Mark Turner Miller
Matthew Derby
Yeen Li
Soohyun Kim
Violet Sim
Ng Siew Yean
Jang Jong Hun
SIL Malaysia
Joo James
Junzhu Jin
Hye Seon Seol
Puvendran Balakrishnan
Chris & Susan Fearday
Seong Chul Park
Deborah Discher
Sharon Hunt
Karen &Matthew Shyu
Chen Wei &Dong Yufei
Roger Hamilton
Ho Whye Chek & Lohg Saw Hoon
YJ Lim
Carmen Chee
Lynne & Jeff Juday
HS Students
Ezra Park
Chung Sung Hee
Brian Brewster
Rileigh Wehrich
Nozomi Mosokawa
Jack Vallin
Man Family
Willoughby Family
Bev C
Amy Tsai
Chyi Hwang Lim
Gene Chui Family
Ho Whye Chek & Lohg Saw Hoon
YJ Lim
Carmen Chee
Lynne & Jeff Juday
HS Students
Ezra Park
Chung Sung Hee
Brian Brewster
Rileigh Wehrich
Nozomi Mosokawa
Jack Vallin
Man Family
Willoughby Family
Bev C
Amy Tsai
Lim Family
Gene Chui Family
MS Teachers
Zhou Yixuan
Matti and Daisy Kontsas
Ye Guanrong
Wong Kep Kee
Cheung Chee Sing
Kim Jitae
Grade 3 Gold
Lucus Shen
Law Kheng Hooi
Ngai Fong Chin
Yeoh Chai Hong
Carolyn and Jay Castelli
Fidelity Charitable
Anonymous Donors