Dalat’s Annual Fund is the phenomenon that ignites our school every October! Communitywide events and activities challenge students, families, alumni, staff, and friends to fund the extra resources, tools and programs behind the extra-ordinary teaching and learning, beyond what tuition alone can do! The high rate of participation in Annual Fund highlights what is possible when everyone helps, and every gift matters during Annual Fund!

(Annual Fund was suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic.)

Dalat International School believes in teaching and modeling education for life, every day in every way. Bold life examples—both at school and at home—speak loudly to our students and shape the people they are becoming.

is modeled in many ways by parents and teachers. It comes to life when we share with each other, help out those who need support, and give freely of our time and resources to make the world better.

is about how we treat others. When we’re forgiving and gentle to other people, we are generous in spirit. We imagine how the world should be, we picture ourselves as solution-seekers in a world where meanness and greed hardens hearts and minds.

“But I give best when I give from that deeper place; when I give simply, freely and generously, and sometimes for no particular reason. I give best when I give from my heart.”

Steve Goodier

Enriching Student Education
with Dalat Annual Fund

Tuesday, 1 October through Friday, 22 November, 2019

Our students are truly blessed to call you our big, dedicated family! So many of you (see many of the families listed below) have participated however you could to make new tools and equipment possible for teaching and learning. We are so grateful for everything you have accomplished to improve education for all our children!

Here are the school improvement projects that we’ve tackled as a community this year:

This year’s Annual Fund provided resources beyond what Dalat’s budget can cover. Families, staff, alumni, and friends have given generously over the years to provide improvements that include new playgrounds, fitness and sports equipment, service programs, computers and learning technology, musical instruments and drama scenery, choir risers…and much more that enriches education for our students. 

Here are the school improvement projects that we will tackle as a community this year:


RM 126,000
  • Big Fan for MS outdoor areas
  • Student Center Enhancements
  • Harbor Hall Video Camera for Livestreaming
  • Vintage Chapel Improvements for all Divisions
  • Harbor Patio Seating
  • Barbecue Grills & Fire Pit for Picnic Area at Dorms


RM 35,950
  • Smartboards for ES
  • Merge Cube Virtual Reality for MS/HS
  • iPads for Elementary


RM 9,000
  • iPads for Special Services
  • Expanded Audiobooks Collection - ES/MS/HS


RM 10,000
  • Giant World Geography Outdoor Map at ES/MS
  • Low-Friction Track for HS Physics
  • Sound System for Outdoor Classes - ES/MS/HS


RM 33,450
  • Monitor, speakers, cables for all performers
  • New drumset for all Worship Teams
  • Band Instrument accessories for MS/HS
  • Wireless Headset Communication System for Drama


RM 15,000
  • Service Outreach Projects
  • Care & Share Projects
RM 66
To All Our Donors—Thank You!

“That's what I consider true generosity: You give your all and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing.”

Simone de Beauvoir

“Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone's day.”

Richelle E. Goodrich

How Do I Give to Dalat Annual Fund

Every gift is significant! Talk with your family and decide how you can help.

The first step is to fill out your Promise Card with name and gift amount, available in the School Office, Development Office, or Finance Office. There are many ways to pay for your gift:

Cash or Check

Place these gifts in the Treasure Chest in the School Office.

Credit Card (no fees!)

Use your Visa or Mastercard in the Development Office.

Bank Transfer

Email us at development@dalat.org or finance@dalat.org to get Dalat’s Maybank account number.

School Account

Tell us how much to charge your account. The charge is payable in 30 days, unless you make other specific arrangements. Email details to development@dalat.org or finance@dalat.org.

“That's what I consider true generosity: You give your all and yet you always feel as if it costs you nothing.”

Simone de Beauvoir

“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

Melody Beattie

The 2019 Annual Fund Honor Roll


A gift of RM20,000 or more:

Chooses either:
Print of Dalat School by Esther Geh or
Dalat Historic Glass Lantern or Frame


A gift of RM10,000 or more:

Sports Seat Cushion,
Dalat Umbrella and
Dalat Luggage Tag

High Honor Roll

A gift of RM5,000 or more:

Dalat Umbrella and
Dalat Luggage Tag

Honor Roll

A gift of RM1,000 or more:

Dalat Luggage Tag



Baek Family
Sani & Djeni Chandra
Heritage AFlame Ministries
Young Wan & Sera Kim
Yong Bin & Feng Man
Choon Siong & Chee Cheng Sim



Kenny & Janet Chan
Hyuk & Soo Jin Choi
Shang Chih & Ly-Min Hsu
Lip Koon & Esther Hwang.
Kin On & Sherrie Lai
Rethinam & Sheila Pillay
Jon & Esther Tan
Wei Tjun & Pearly Teoh


Daniel & Chuchie Beasley
Vincent & Caroline Bernier
Stephen & Young Ly Chandra
Kit Chin
Ngai Fong Chin
KaiHeng Chong
Tom & Debby Cura
Boon Keng & I Ling Tong Fan
Mengqiang &Yebing Fan
Terry & Cheryl Franceschi
Danny & Ching Peng Goh
Jung Shun & Hyang Mee Han
Ning & Xia He
Jens & Emy Hieber
Serene Ho
Yusuke & Hongyan Horiuchi
Jon & Lori Horton
Zhaohui & Ying Huang
Zhi Qiang & Yue Huang
Gerrit & Mary Joy Hueting
Eiji & Yoshiko Iida
Jaemo & Jiyeoun Kang
Dennis & Gwen Kearney
Dong Hyun & Suin Kim
Do Sung & Sun Yoon Kim
Hee Keun & Jin Young Kim
Jong Chul & Kee Chung Kim
Jongheun & Nawon Kim
Soo Hyun & Young Eun Kim
Eric & Brooke Kirkland
Alvin Kin Jong & Lim Kar Yen Lau
Soo An & Susilawaty Lee
Woo Jong & Ji Young Lee
Kin Heng & Jennifer Leong
Chau Wei & Chai Ling (Celine) Lim
Kooi Choy & Carmen Lim
Mook San & Ellsy Beh Lim
Pankaj & Mahua Malik
Bruce & Sharon Melton
David & Christine Moon
Seongchul & Jongran Park
Colin & Hye-Won Peh
Sin Jeow & Jamie Phuah
Kwai Meng & Poh Mi Pong
Scott Poulter
Carol Roach
Margaret Robinson
Jon & Rebekah Ronning
Matthew & Karen Shyu
Karl & Jacki Steinkamp
Wilhelm & Ria Stoker
Heng Kee & Lee Shen Tan
Lip Chong & Hiromi Tan
Jeff & Joyce Tang
Emile & Mel Wijntjes
Jeffry & Doris Wong
Lawrence & Mandy Wong
Shawna Wood
Vance & Juni Worten
Alvin & Jennie Yeoh
Chin Kueng & Mary Yeoh
Poh Huat & Su Hoon Yew
Lee Nam & Seomin Yong
David & Tammi Yost
Doug & Marsha Yost
Jinglei & Rong Zhang

Stand Up & Be Counted

Other Gifts


Joshua Allen
Josh & Bona Anderson
Thomas & Julie Augustine
Brad & Lenora Beaman
Barend & Annami Blom
Darrel & Cindy Boyd
Tony & Tracy Boyd
Kelsey & Susan Branum
Brian & Brandi Brewster
Ben & Rachel Brooks
Jason & Leanne Casebolt
Kuang & Oon Ling Chan
Peter & Ailee Chan
Ken Meng & Chin Hoon Chin
Jong Gul & Young Jun Choi
Joshua & Sagana Crosslin
Dalat PTO
Petrus & Lisle de Jager
Paul & Larissa Dobson
Ryan & Margaret Emis
Rufus & Vijeta Emmanuel
Carl Frohman
Kean Hooi & Soo Siew Goh
Monthana & Junie Gohan
Emily Grad
Peter & Rina Grice
Evangelos & Tiina Grous
Roger Hamilton
Edward & Josephine Ho
Scott & Heather Hofer
Jan Hogan
Jonghun & Nayoung Jang
Eun-Jin & Yi-Yun Jeon
Kevin & Stacy Johnson
Kyle & Melissa Johnson

Dariush & Martina Kahrobaei
Andy & Sara Kearney
Heidi Keas
Chong Joo & Yu Chin Khaw
Kevin & Hui Ling Khoo
Pat & Michelle Kilgo
Chan Woo & Ara Kim
Seong Yong & Yoon Jung Kim
Jari & Tiina Kinnunen
Korean PTO Moms
Kurt & Sally Kovach
Hyocheol & Soyon Kwon
David & Yajuan Lee
Youn Yeaw & Yeen Li Lee
Jung-Hoon & Pearl Lim
Guy & Denise Maurin
Andrew & Caroline McClary
Zach & Amy Mulert
Eliza Muvumba
Peng Wah & Poh Leng Ng
Choon & Janice Ooi
Bob & Anne-Marie Pagee
Ezra & So Yeon Park
Sang Bae & Hyun Suk Park
Rekekah Peters
Tuan Anh & Dale Pham
Joel & Jodi Roberts
Steve & Lydia Roberts
Anne Rogus
Kirk & Calah Ronzheimer
Craig & Carin Roylance
Andrew & Ruth Ann Ruble

Upendra & Soojin Saini
Balan & Liza Shanmuganathan
Alistair Shewring
Cher Huei & Li Fern Sim
Nikki Soriano
Jonathan & Kari Steffen
Lee Phing Tan
Tiong Yee & Li-Lian Tan
Heng Chai & Myungok Tang
Eric & Sukanya Taylor
Eng Huat & Joo Bee Teh
Cheng Ghee & Aida Teoh
Lionel & Grace Thneah
Anthony & Laurie Thompson
Anthony & Claudia Tse
Bethany Weidemann
Alex & Tressa White
Don & Melodee White
Jonathan & Vera Willoughby
Chee Kien & Feng Wong
Soo Weng & Ai Ling Wong
Wee Keong & Siaw Hong Wong
WeiPing & Juan Wu
Nian & Zhi hua Zhang
Yuhua & Enman Zhang
Mingkang & Xiaoli Zhu