Campus Development

Continuing the Legacy: From 1929 Into the Future

In 2015 the school signed a rental agreement with the land owners to secure the Dalat International School campus until at least 2043. A campus development plan was immediately put into effect to replace aging buildings and provide modern, purpose-built facilities that look forward to the educational needs of students for the next 25 years.

The CASTLE; Center for the Arts, Sciences, Technology, and Learning Education, was completed in 2016 which include student and family services, a combined library, two visual arts classrooms, four science lab classrooms, and combined the two computer labs from the existing Student Center.

The new dorm, the Lighthouse, was completed in 2017 and includes three family-style dorms, five staff apartments, and two guest rooms for the school’s world-class boarding program.

The Harbor: fourteen high school classrooms, band room, administrative and finance offices, and auditorium was completed in 2018 along with a parking lot on main campus.

The entire cost of the project was just over RM 28 million paid for by faithfully saving building fees and retained earnings over the last 20 years and from the generous support of the school and Penang community.

The Galley, Dalat’s new café-style eatery, will open in January 2021. The Galley will provide a more efficient dining experience, from check-in to food service to clean-up, conveniently located in the middle of campus. The building’s second floor will include a multipurpose hall for all students.

The campus will continue to improve as funds become available and as needs arise to support a university-prep education for 700 Dalat students.