Dalat Discovery

Discover a Whole New World!

Dalat International School (DIS) extends an invitation to young Christian men and women in grades 9 through 12 to experience a year or semester learning, living and serving abroad! Dalat DIScovery welcomes an elite group of high school students to study at Dalat, live with a dorm family and participate in outreach opportunities in Southeast Asia.

A vibrant, energetic, multicultural environment, Dalat offers a challenging college-preparatory American educational program. With high standards, rich traditions, and highly-qualified staff, Dalat serves missionary families in Asia and international expatriate families in the local community.

Situated on a lovely seaside campus on the tropical island of Penang, Malaysia, Dalat provides safe and secure family-style boarding facilities, outreach opportunities and an array of extra-curricular activities while continuing high school studies. DIScover what God has for you in the world!

We guarantee you’ll discover a whole new world!

For information contact the school Admissions Office at admissions@dalat.org.

Dalat Discovery Video