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Monday, January 27, 2020

Dalat provides an education for life founded on a biblical worldview to children from age three to high school graduation. The school’s academic and boarding programs and quality care for children are well known around the world. Dalat is a not-for-profit school community located on the beautiful shores of Penang, Malaysia.

“Dalat International School has established a truly amazing community of learners, educators and supporters. The school provides a unique hybrid space with online flipped classrooms enriched by in-person opportunities through regional meetups and residential programs. ”

Karl Steinkamp, MA Ed

Head of School


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A Blog about education, technology, and student engagement around the Dalat Campus

Happy 4718

There are so many wonderful traditions surrounding the Lunar New Year, but its most important characteristic is the value it places on reunion.

What’s New, Part II

At the start of last semester, I wrote an article about all the new things on campus. Well, it’s a new semester again and there are a number of “new” things to highlight.

Welcome to 2020

In 2020 we look forward to working with you and your children to create an exceptional education experience where there is a love and excitement for learning!

The Wisdom of the Wise Men

There are numerous traditions regarding this visit with many of them not based in fact but more on myth or speculation. Here are a few of the myths about this famous visit.

Dalat Impressions: Stories & reflections from students, staff, & parents in our community


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