Corona Virus Response

Due to the campus restrictions put in place in response to the coronavirus outbreak, Dalat has implemented procedures in compliance to Malaysian government directives. Discover more at our COVID-19 Updates Page.


extraordinary people

Can you swim around a tropical island in 60 seconds?

How about leap over a small 3-story building?

You can’t? Never mind, we may still have a position for you. Maybe your talents and capabilities are just what we are looking why not come and join the team.


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Fine Arts Festival 2022

Dalat’s year-end Fine Arts Festival featuring music, theatre, and the visual arts is held during May, with performances in the Harbor Hall.

Venture Program

Encouraging an entrepreneurial mindset in Dalat students and allowing for innovation and creativity in an experiential venture.

Discover Your Study Options

Dalat’s curriculum and instruction provide a broad basis in general education and a strong preparation for university systems worldwide.

The Scrivener: 2022

2022 Edition Available Now The Scrivener is a literary magazine compiled and edited by Dalat’s High School Creative Writing Club.


A Blog about education, technology, and student engagement around the Dalat Campus

Bear Fruit

Part of our mission during MEW was partnering with a local support organization, Breathe Life which shows acceptance and love to refugee moms here in Penang.

Reconnect As A Family

Family connection is an important pillar of Dalat, and I am so excited to have opportunities to celebrate together again as a Dalat family.


There are countless articles and even detailed studies demonstrating that gratitude has a positive impact on mental health.

Weighing the Benefits of AI

Even though ChatGPT and other forms of AI can be used in negative ways, there are also some potential benefits. The first thing we need to do as adults is to educate ourselves.

Dalat Impressions: Stories & reflections from students, staff, & parents in our community


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