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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Dalat provides an education for life founded on a biblical worldview to children from age three to high school graduation. The school’s academic and boarding programs and quality care for children are well known around the world. Dalat is a not-for-profit school community located on the beautiful shores of Penang, Malaysia.

“Dalat International School has established a truly amazing community of learners, educators and supporters. The school provides a unique hybrid space with online flipped classrooms enriched by in-person opportunities through regional meetups and residential programs. ”

Karl Steinkamp, MA Ed

Head of School


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A Blog about education, technology, and student engagement around the Dalat Campus

The Myth of Multitasking – Part II

The issue with multi-tasking is that we need to understand its dramatic and negative effect on learning. Simply stated, multi-tasking and learning do not mix well.

Access to Axis

Parenting can be hard at times…we are here to help with this “all-access” pass (a $499 dollar value) provided for each of our Dalat families for free.

Dalat Impressions: Stories & reflections from students, staff, & parents in our community


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