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Teachers and Staff Share What It's Like to Work at Dalat

Dalat parents, students, and alumni consistently say the one thing they appreciate the most about their time at school is the excellent teaching staff, how much the teachers care about the students, and the relationships they build together. Hear in their own words what teachers have to say about their experience at Dalat.

Dalat staff come from all over the world but since Dalat is an American-curriculum school most of the teachers come from North America.

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HS English teacher

Dalat holds teachers and students to a high standard while providing the support and freedom to reach it creatively. There is space for innovation, time for exploration, and willingness to try different approaches. A continuous striving for excellence in so many areas from teaching staff to administrators to those in maintenance contribute to making this school one of the highest caliber. I get to teach classes I love to students who care.


3rd grade teacher

Something continues to draw me to Dalat. After visiting the school on a college trip and student teaching here, I was hired a couple of years later as staff. Dalat is not just a school; it is a community. This community works together to reach common goals.


MS Language Arts and Bible Teacher

As a Dalat alumni, I love the opportunity to work at a place that I love so much. My teachers invested in me when I was a student here, and now I have the chance to do that for my students. Working at a Christian school where you can integrate your faith into your teaching is a great opportunity, and I love how diverse our student body is!


MS Language Arts teacher

My favorite thing about working at Dalat is the fact that the staff are a priority, that they are taken care of and that they are given the best opportunities and resources to constantly improve their teaching abilities. I have a strong relationship with my colleagues and feel that I am fully supported in any decision-making process that needs to take place. There is an open line of communication amongst my colleagues. The best thing about my day is knowing that I am going to a school that works towards both children and adults forming a relationship with the Lord.