“One of the most beautiful locations in the world” is usually how people describe the campus of Dalat International School. Situated on beach front property on the tropical island of Penang, Malaysia, the campus offers breathtaking views of the sea and Malaysia’s outlying islands along the western coast.

The school has been on the campus since 1971 that was originally built as a British military retreat center in the 1950s. Today, the campus retains some of the old charms of days-gone-by but most of the buildings have been replaced by modern, purpose-built facilities that prepare Dalat students for their future.

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purpose-built facilities

New & modern classrooms

Facilities include separate buildings for elementary, middle, and high school division classrooms with their own identity on the same open campus. New classrooms, built in 2016 and 2018, provide spaces for high level teaching for the sciences, math, fine arts, and to encourage collaboration.

family-style dorms

Dalat feels like coming home because it is a home. Three comfortable, family-style dorms are situated on the beach side of the campus to provide a home for students.


The school has one of the largest libraries in Malaysia with over 25,000 books! It’s a great place to work and meet friends.

Athletic Facilities

Athletic facilities include an indoor and outdoor gym, swimming pool, exercise room, tennis court, and locker rooms.

A seaside cafeteria provides students with a healthy lunch each school day where students can spend time with friends overlooking the ocean.

A parking lot may seem like an unimportant feature but at Dalat parking is very important! It’s important that families have a convenient, safe place to park on campus and spend time with the rest of the community because Dalat International School is a family.