Goodbye for Now

Dalat International School has played a meaningful role in my family since the 1970’s.

Leaving A Legacy

Mr. Steinkamp did more than “stand at the helm.” He is affectionately known as Uncle Karl because of his deep investment in individual student lives.

Year of Growth

We are grateful that, over this year, SOPs have eased enough that we were able to spend a majority of the year in face-to-face learning despite starting the year online.

Finishing Well

Whenever we approach the end of something, whether it’s a job or a school year or a project, it’s easy to lose motivation.

The Tradition Continues

JSB is a wonderful event put together by the Junior Class for the graduating seniors. Over the years, a number of traditions have become part of the JSB.

Annual Fund in Action

Thanks to generous donations to this year’s Annual Fund, our Learning Lab will see a beautiful transformation over the summer break.

The Greatest Example of Willingness

As we celebrate Good Friday and Easter this weekend, let’s pause to look at one of the most profound examples of willingness in history: Jesus Christ.

Are You Willing?

Many people ask themselves the question: “What do I want out of life?” Some already have ideas in mind and it is easy to answer this question.

Old Director's Blog Archive

We shall keep our old Dalat Reflections blog active for an archive of several year's of posts and articles. It shall no longer be updated, all new updates will be found above.