Bear Fruit

Part of our mission during MEW was partnering with a local support organization, Breathe Life which shows acceptance and love to refugee moms here in Penang.

Reconnect As A Family

Family connection is an important pillar of Dalat, and I am so excited to have opportunities to celebrate together again as a Dalat family.


There are countless articles and even detailed studies demonstrating that gratitude has a positive impact on mental health.

Weighing the Benefits of AI

Even though ChatGPT and other forms of AI can be used in negative ways, there are also some potential benefits. The first thing we need to do as adults is to educate ourselves.

The Implications of AI

ChatGPT! This is a technology that’s been steadily improving and increasing over the last number of years and has recently taken the education world by storm.

The Device Dilemma

It takes tremendous self-discipline to prioritize building and rebuilding relationships rather than consuming and being distracted by technology.

Who We Are

I’ll never forget the moment when I first stepped on campus as a staff member. I knew, without a doubt, that this place was still Dalat. It looked very different, but it felt the same.


“Truth” has become a controversial word lately. In fact, many argue whether truth even exists.

Old Director's Blog Archive

We shall keep our old Dalat Reflections blog active for an archive of several year's of posts and articles. It shall no longer be updated, all new updates will be found above.