A Glass Half-Full

When we see the proverbial “glass” this weekend, let’s do our best to see it half full–not half empty.

May Be

During this quarter we will spend some time learning about optimism, what it is, what it means, and how to help our students have it.

Welcome Back to Dalat

Dalat wishes all our community a safe and prosperous 2022. Next week our regular Dalat Reflection articles will appear. Classes begin for all students on Wednesday, January 12. 

Wise Men Still Seek Him

Dalat wishes all our community a safe and prosperous Christmas and New Year. We look forward to connecting with you all again in 2022!

Resilient Santa: Part II

If your child makes a gift for someone, I am quite confident that it will be the gift that they are most proud of. The one that they are most excited to give.

Resilient Santa

The key is being intentional about gift-giving and taking the time to find something special.

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Thankful for Challenges

Today, we are facing many challenges and it may seem difficult to find things for which to be thankful. However, I suggest that we should try to be thankful for the challenges themselves.

Strength in Numbers

Science is finding that the most resilient people are those who have strong relationships and good support networks, both at home and at work.

Old Director's Blog Archive

We shall keep our old Dalat Reflections blog active for an archive of several year's of posts and articles. It shall no longer be updated, all new updates will be found above.