A Silent Tragedy

Provide children with a balanced lifestyle, full of what they NEED, not just what they WANT. Do not be afraid to say no to your children if what they want is not what they need.

Thanks a Lot

I believe it is important for us as a school to take time to express our thanks and to encourage our students to be grateful for what they have.


There are apps and social media sites that make money by grabbing and keeping our attention. The longer they keep your attention, the more money they make.

Get Smart

Over 2.7 billion people own and use smart phones which keep them connected to the Internet, social media, and other attention grabbing apps 24/7.

Who Is In Control?

We are no different than our kids with those enticing and attention-grabbing apps…we might be surprised how much Candy Crush steals our time each week.

How to Focus on Focus

Create a place where your child can study and engage in learning without being surrounded by distractions.

The Power of Before

Before you need to focus, the first step you should always take is to remove the distractions. Create for yourself time and space that is distraction free.

For the Rest of Us

Health experts around the world are pointing to the fact that we are getting less and less sleep and that it is causing physical and emotional damage to us and our society.

Old Director's Blog Archive

We shall keep our old Dalat Reflections blog active for an archive of several year's of posts and articles. It shall no longer be updated, all new updates will be found above.