Each year, we have the opportunity to strengthen our community through the Annual Fund.

If you’ve taken a walk around campus during school hours or extracurricular activities, you know that Dalat is a special place. That’s because we have an incredible community. Our teachers bring amazing passion to their lessons, pouring into the lives of students. Our leaders demonstrate selfless commitment to the mission of our school. Our Parent-Teacher Organization energizes the connection between families. The entire community – our grounds crew, maintenance staff, administrators, cafeteria workers, parents, teaching assistants, volunteers, teachers, students, and so many others – is part of what makes Dalat great.

You may have heard the phrase, “It takes a village…” It’s part of a saying that talks about the important role an entire community plays in the development and well-being of its children. The Dalat “village” is invested in the lives of our students, and it shows.

Each year, we have the opportunity to strengthen our community through the Annual Fund. Now through November 20, we are raising funds to purchase additional resources for our school to fuel the extraordinary teaching and learning here.

This year, in keeping with our theme of “Reconnect,” the funding priorities are geared towards providing opportunities for our village to grow and strengthen together. Things like renovations to the student center to make it a welcoming meeting place, or upgrades to the science lab for next-level instruction, or a board game library that families can enjoy together. We need our village. Your financial support will directly benefit the lives of our students.

Whether your donation is large or small, the impact will be great. It takes a village. And when everyone contributes, we can do amazing things.

Please check out the 2022 Annual Fund website to see details of all the projects and how you can support this year’s Annual Fund. Continue to watch Dalat News and school social media for more information over the next few weeks, and stop by the Development Office (off the main lobby).

We’d love to see you!

Written by Catherine Foster

Mrs. Foster is an alumna of Dalai (Class of 2009) and has been on staff since 2027. Before returning to Dalate she worked in communications and public relations for schools in the United States. She is passionate about telling the story of our school and serving the community which was so impactful to her as a student.
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