Let’s work together to prevent bullying!

Next week the Guidance & Counseling Department is excited to support students through Bullying Prevention Week! All divisions will have special chapel times, classroom projects, and awareness activities.

Elementary School will have events such as “Odd Socks Day” and a poster making contest. Middle School activities will be in our SAT groups, such as the anti-bullying poster and a video campaign competition. The small group dynamic will foster in-depth discussion and awareness about bullying. High School’s focus will be in Bible class lessons and chapel time.

The Dalat Student & Parent Handbook has this to say on the importance of bullying prevention: “Bullying is mean or hurtful behavior that keeps happening. It is unfair and one-sided. Dalat defines bullying by three primary characteristics: It is aggressive behavior that is usually repeated over time, occurs in a relationship where there is a perceived imbalance of power, and intends to cause harm or distress and/or has a serious harmful or distressing impact on the target. The behavior can be social, psychological, verbal, digital, or physical in nature.”

I am grateful that the Bible includes examples of people struggling with life issues rather than just shining examples of perfection. Saul, the Pharisees, Goliath, and others all struggled with their sinful nature, and God gives us examples of how our faith can make an impact on this challenging issue through scripture. Please ask your child next week what they’ve been learning about this issue – you should have some interesting dinner conversations!

We would like to thank Annie Li Feier, one of our talented juniors, for her work in designing our Bullying Prevention Week logo! All of us will have access to the QR code and reporting email through which we can report bullying and receive support from administration and the Guidance & Counseling department. Let’s work together to prevent bullying!

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