Part of our mission during MEW was partnering with a local support organization, Breathe Life which shows acceptance and love to refugee moms here in Penang.

Crossing several time zones and flying out from snow-covered Canada, a team from Movement Church in Ontario joined us at Dalat for this year’s Mission Emphasis Week. The team of four, led by Lead Pastor Jeff Price, engaged with students all week. Elementary students heard from Natalie Dickert, middle schoolers from Isaiah Belleth, and high schoolers from Justyn Schwindt, who also spoke during the night sessions. 

Throughout this week, God was at work, making His presence known, stirring hearts, and planting seeds within our community. Challenging us to take the next step, Justyn reminded us that living for God doesn’t come from checking off a list of qualifications. Instead, He qualifies those who answer the call. While we may feel that we fall short of the things in this world, we’re not short of anything in God’s eyes. He declares us perfect for Him to accept and love. 

Part of our mission during MEW was partnering with a local support organization, Breathe Life. Glynis Willows, who runs the organization, shows this acceptance and love to refugee moms here in Penang. During the week, students collected support and supplies for the 31 refugee mothers who are giving birth this month. Olivia Elliott (Grade 12) was invited to accompany Glynis Willows on a recent visit and gained first-hand experience of Breathe Life’s mission. 

While assisting Glynis with a birth, Olivia saw rats everywhere and children screaming and sleeping. The pregnant mom was on a mat on the floor, crying in pain. After several hours, the mother was taken to the hospital, but the hospital experience was terrible. This mother is an example of hundreds of women who face extreme discrimination, racism, and abuse in the hospital because they are refugees. 

Glynis’ mission involves financially providing for delivery costs, education, and mental health for Rohingya refugees, specifically pregnant mothers. By the end of this week, we will have completed our goal of creating 35 baby bags to support her mission! New refugee moms will now have supplies they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to obtain. 

Not only did God provide for these refugee moms, He also made himself known this week on campus. His presence and love for our school was evident during the last student-led session of MEW. 

Our Leadership Development team prayed that this week would allow students to become emboldened while experiencing and realizing God’s love for them. In ways we never imagined, God touched the hearts of numerous students. The night turned into an outpour of worship, and students could be seen all around the hall praying for and uplifting one another. Just as Justyn shared, “God has placed us exactly where we are to play a very special part in his story.” 

In all walks of faith, God truly had something in store for each and every student. Multiple seeds were planted that night, and we’re excited to watch and see as they begin to bear fruit.

Written by Olivia ELLIOT & Joycelyn Fung

Senior Class of 2023 I Leadership Team Members Olivia and Joycelyn have a heart for serving others and were key organizers of Missions Emphasis Week 2023.
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