As our community focuses on "Reconnect" this year, we've had the delight of reuniting with numerous alumni from various decades.

As we’ve been focusing on “Reconnect” this year as a community, we’ve also had the pleasure of reconnecting with many former students who have returned for a visit. We’ve met alumni from the 1970s, the 1980s, and the early 2000s, all of whom have amazing stories of how their lives have progressed since leaving.

Many have also written to us, sharing their experiences and how Dalat shaped them into who they are today. Dalat graduates have gone on to become doctors and nurses, missionaries, engineers, teachers, software developers, professors, lawyers, authors, artists, scientists, foreign workers, etc., living and working all over the world.

When asked how they feel Dalat prepared them for the future, this is what they said:

“I think that Dalat gave me an excellent education. I particularly appreciated the spiritual part of my life at Dalat.” – Deb Discher (Rexilius), Class of 1975

“Dalat provided a high level of education. I established a good work and study ethic. I was also able to participate in a variety of quality extracurricular activities, which shaped me into a well-rounded person.” – Sharilyn McClaflin (Stubbs), Class of 1995

“Dalat gave me a solid base of spiritual and educational knowledge to tackle the complex world we live in. My teachers and dorm parents loved me and helped me grow into the person I am today.” – Nathan Danneker, Class of 2012

“Dalat was the first place that I’d found real community and deep friendships in a long time. Being able to lean on those people for support really helped me grow as an individual and student and then, in turn, be someone that could support others too.” – Joshua Peace, Class of 2008

We’ve heard incredible memories from former students of their time here, and many of them talk about friendships that have lasted over the years. It’s a joy to see the legacy of Dalat continue through students who are now in every corner of the world.

Our alumni are a key part of our identity, and we are looking forward to making more connections between current and former students. Our past, present, and future are in these stories, and we’re excited to see the continued impact of Dalat students in the world.

Written by Catherine Foster

Mrs. Foster (Director of Development) is an alumna of Dalat (Class of 2009) and has been on staff since 2021. Before returning to Dalat, she worked in communications and public relations for schools in the United States. She is passionate about telling the story of our school and serving the community which was so impactful to her as a student.
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