Welcome or welcome back to Dalat! We’ve spent the last several weeks preparing for school to start, and we can’t wait to see you all.

One of the great things about schools is that we get a fresh start every year. Here are some new and noteworthy updates to start the semester.

We have 13 new staff members joining us on the academic side of the school. They come from several different backgrounds, and we are so excited for their involvement in the school. Our new elementary principal, Lizzy Neiger, and our new high school principal, Scott Uzzle, have experience both as principals and serving in international schools.

We are also excited to welcome 51 new families to Dalat this semester! Please go out of your way to make them feel welcome and included in our community.

In the elementary school, we have transitioned to full day preschool for all our students. This will be an adjustment for many of the students, and we hope this will help the days flow more smoothly for our parents.

In the middle school, we have new resources in both the language arts and science classes. These resources are digitally based, which means fewer heavy books for students to carry. We are also in the process of building the Marina – a brand new, purpose-built middle school building. Our target move-in date is during the March mid-semester break, and we are on schedule to make that happen.

The high school has new resources for all language arts classes. The senior-level English classes have also added some regional-specific literature courses.

In the main office, we now have a dedicated place for alumni to check in, which will be called the Alumni Dock. It will be on your left as you enter the main office.

Please stop by to visit the library to see the results of a major renovation project. It has been totally redone with specially designed spaces to meet the needs of students. There are now charging ports in the tables, furniture that can be moved, and shelves that allow for greater visibility. This renovation was entirely funded by donations, and we are extremely grateful for those who gave towards it.

We are also implementing a new ID card system for parents. Upon uploading your photo to PowerSchool, you will receive an individualized ID card that you can wear any time you are on campus. This will help all of us to identify one another and increase safety on our campus.

As you’ll see on banners around campus, our theme this year is “Anchored”. It comes from Hebrews 6:19, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm, and secure.” I’ll explain more about the theme as we go through the year. We’re so glad to have you all here with us!

Written by Shawna Wood

Ms. Shawna Wood is dedicated to mentoring and discipling the next generation. Shawna has a Master of Education and has been at Dalat since 2012, first as Middle School principal and now as Deputy Head of school​.
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