We are all called by God to reflect Him in our lives.

“Compelled by Love” graced the screens of Harbor Hall, signaling the beginning of Mission Emphasis Week (MEW).

The theme, Called, is an extension of last semester’s Pursued, emphasizing that God not only pursues our hearts but calls us to His plan. Our speakers were Ms. Indira and Ms. Mia, who worked for the Child Marriage Prevention Organization, and Mr. Ben and Mrs. Rachael. (Note: names have been changed to protect their identities due to their work.)

Ms. Indira opened by sharing about agape: the unconditional, pure, authentic love of God that motivates her to take action and bring the good news of Jesus to an unreached people group. She said, “Love is inconvenient but also very rewarding.” Mrs. Rachael shed light on what those ‘inconveniences’ may be. “It’s difficult to let go of who I am to be who God wants me to be,” she shared. However, obedience to God and His plan brought her to a fulfilling life, one of serving a purpose higher than herself. Ms. Mia believes that the Holy Spirit transforms us from the inside out so that we can transform the world around us. Mr. Ben expressed that God empowers us to be witnesses to Him, to be His ambassadors, to hear His voice, to glorify Him with the gifts and talents He has given us, and to live and abide in Him.

The Holy Spirit transforms us from the inside out so that we can transform the world around us.

The Leadership Development Class led the final night of MEW. Four seniors shared their testimonies of how God had called them and how they responded. Josiah De Jager said God called Him to leadership during a conference, but Josiah didn’t like the plan that God had for Him. Yet even in the season of doubts, God remained faithful and gave Josiah more reasons to follow Him. An eye-opening piece of wisdom he learned was this: “God doesn’t need us, but He chooses us to be a part of His plan.”

For Kathryn Boyd, God confronted her fear and insecurities through someone close to her, compelling her to ask the question, “What excuse do I have that stops me from talking about Jesus to others?” “With a steadfast faith and an open heart, God’s light illuminates through the darkness,” said Aileen Kim. Noah Brooks shared about how God had saved him and his family while they were stuck on a sinking boat in the middle of a storm and brought them to the safe shore in Cambodia. He challenged us with an assignment. “Write down on a piece of paper what God has done and has provided for you.”

We are all called by God to reflect Him in our lives.

He sends each of us to our schools, churches, and community as ambassadors who, in obedience to His calling and with His strength, reflect the agape of God. Jesus didn’t come to earth to be served but to serve. He offered His life on the cross as a ransom for all who have fallen short of the glory of God. Obedience to God’s calling requires us to leave something behind. Ms. Indira left her job with a stable income to follow Jesus to the unreached people group. Ms. Mia left her prospering career as a nurse so she could follow God’s calling to heal physical wounds that are neglected and spiritual brokenness that needs the true salvation that only Jesus can give.

Are you willing to be inconvenienced by selfless love to serve a purpose higher than yourself? You are called. Will you obey?

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