We often go through difficult seasons in our lives, whether it be family, career, relationships, or even worldwide unrest.

During these times, we frequently have two main questions: why is this happening, and when will it be over? Unfortunately, we don’t usually get answers to either of these questions until a distant time in the future. We don’t know that a difficult season is “over” until we’ve moved on to another season. Sometimes, in hindsight, we can see the “why” behind a difficult situation. More often, though, we just recognize how we learned and grew through the time period without fully comprehending the “why.” So, we must weather these storms without answers to our most pressing questions.

The anchor in these times of struggle and an unknown future is God’s faithfulness. Again and again, God told his people to remember what he had done for them. Festivals were built around remembering God’s faithfulness. The writer of Hebrews encouraged believers by listing people who demonstrated faith in God because he was faithful to them. We also can be encouraged by taking the time to remember God’s faithfulness, not only in our own lives but also throughout many generations.

As a school, God has faithfully cared for Dalat through more challenging times than most organizations ever face. I am so grateful for God’s hand on the school through those early years of keeping kids safe with wars on the doorstep. In recent memory, I have seen God’s faithfulness throughout the pandemic. Most schools struggled, but we were able to keep all of our staff and saw God bring new staff into the country despite the odds. God brought students back after the pandemic so that we were the first international school to return to pre-pandemic enrollment. God has provided for us to build five new buildings in the last eight years without taking out any loans.

As we walk through this time of year filled with difficult goodbyes, we know that God will be faithful, now and always. As we all continue to face challenges in our personal lives as well, we remember that God is faithful. I encourage you to take a few minutes of time and talk with your family about specific instances of God’s faithfulness in your life. You will all be richly blessed and encouraged.

Deuteronomy 7:9 – Know therefore that the LORD your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commandments.

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