We have reached the end of another school year, and with that comes a lot of changes.

We have reached the end of another school year, and with that comes a lot of changes. Many families will be moving on from Dalat, while others will be joining us soon. Our seniors are anticipating graduation with high levels of excitement, but also feeling some anxiety about all of the upcoming changes. As we end the year, this is a good time to celebrate what has been accomplished over the last 10 months. Don’t let the difficult emotions of transition overshadow the positive growth.

Completing a grade level in school is worth celebrating! If your child brings home an award next week, take that opportunity to celebrate! Perhaps your students have learned a new skill or developed some of their character traits. Take some time to evaluate those accomplishments and celebrate them.

Marking milestones in our lives with intentional celebrations helps to solidify the learning and growth that has taken place. Without these regular cycles of setting goals, hard work, growth, and celebration, time often slips by unnoticed. This is especially true in our tropical climates without real seasons. The times of celebrating milestones will be remembered by the kids far into the future. As a family, consider what is worth celebrating at this point in your lives, and be intentional about commemorating that together.

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