Measuring Our Success

Dalat International School’s community of educators, administrators and parents is committed to assessing and questioning whether the things we believe are important for our students and our school are successful and effective.

While it may be difficult sometimes to find definitive evidence or to qualify success because it is considered and determined in so many different ways, Dalat takes the time each year to survey students, staff and parents about what they believe is working well and where we could do better. This data helps to paint a picture of how we are working to achieve our mission statement, “Education for life founded on a Biblical worldview” and our vision to strive to improve, inspire, and impact our world.

We publish the collective data every year, along with responses from Dalat’s administrators, in what we call the Results Book, mailed to parents and available to everyone online.

2023 Annual Results Book

The report also shares data on how Dalat students match up against other students around the world and what colleges and universities they have been accepted to. There are details about the overall financial health of the school, athletic accomplishments, and interesting stories about Dalat’s students and staff.