Dalat is Committed to Provide a Safe Learning Environment

Dalat International School places a high value on children and strives to provide a safe learning environment. The school is committed to cultivating an atmosphere in which all students are treated with respect and dignity and feel safe and protected.

Dalat is a Member of The Child Safety and Protection Network which is a group of organizations that work together to collaborate, share resources, and develop best practice in the area of child safety. The school’s personal protection policies are based on international law and standards from the United Nations and World Health Organization.

Dalat International School has been recognized for its commitment to protecting children through Child Safeguarding Awareness training of its employees and staff.

Dalat's Child Safety and Protection Handbook

View our Dalat’s Child Safety and Protection Handbook which outlines school policy and procedures that serve the purpose of creating an environment which safeguards students and staff from harassment and abuse. This document is also available to download in PDF format.

The handbook explains how any member of the school community can report concerns or observations related to safety and protection. The Child Safety Team is trained and ready to respond to all reports, whether current or historical. Concerns may be emailed to the school at hotline@dalat.org.

Child Safety & Protection Team and Advocate

The Child Safety & Protection Team is a small group of school staff whose role is to oversee the policies and procedures that will result in a safe campus environment. They ensure that there is a comprehensive student protection program in place at the school and regularly monitor the effectiveness of the program.

They support teachers and counselors in implementing student protection curriculum and ensure and guide the safety training of all staff that have either direct or indirect contact with students. They also sensitively assess and respond to reports of harassment and abuse.


Please email to team lead for any child safety and protection questions or concerns.


Lisa Munson

A non-staff advocate is available to provide students with support as needed. The advocate promotes the protection of students and enhances the objectivity of the administration in addressing reports. The advocate does not investigate or administer discipline but serves as a representative for students.

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Video transcripts are available for download in both Chinese and Korean.

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