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Only at the beginning of each semester.

Only in the early elementary grades; even these students are expected to know a little English.

EAL students are not allowed to skip grades, so sometimes students have to repeat part of a grade level, depending on the academic calendar of the school from which the student is coming. Our main goal is to place students at the level where they can be successful in school.

This is the level at which many of our EAL students begin their education at Dalat.

We do not encourage students to study for the language test, because we want to know the student’s actual ability in English, not his knowledge of the test questions. Generally, the test assesses pronunciation, listening and reading comprehension, fluency and grammatical correctness in speaking and writing, and lots of vocabulary.

Between one and two hours, depending on age and the speed at which the student works.

High School students will need a more advanced level of English due to the increased demands of the curriculum. Students should at least meet the minimum grade level expectation, close to a native English speaker in their English ability. EAL students are not admitted into high school; there is no EAL program for high school students.


The language test result is one component to make the admission decision. All the application documents are important.

Students are pulled out during the school day. Depending on schedule, ES students are usually pulled out of Bahasa, while MS students are usually pulled out of social studies.

Sometimes, especially those who need extra help with their English.


Dalat teachers are not allowed to contract to give special lessons, though Dalat teachers are very willing to help students with special needs on occasion. Middle school students can receive homework tuition from High School students in our EAL homework program.

All EAL students should expect to be in the EAL program for their first year at Dalat, and may remain for up to three years. The length of time in the program depends on many factors, including the level at which the student began at Dalat, and his or her age and motivation.

Students graduate out of the EAL program based on teacher recommendation and school-wide standardized test results. We will do all we can to help each child make maximum progress and be successful in school.