Distance Learning Resource Center

Understanding the DLRC

The DLRC provides ways for families practicing home education in Penang to be integrated into the Dalat community through a variety of services and opportunities including the following:

  • full access to the Dalat library including online resources
  • full access to the DLRC resource library
  • option of auditing single classes taken on campus
  • option to participate in after-school clubs and athletic programs
  • academic testing services
  • homeschool/third-culture kid (TCK) consultation services at Dalat
  • college/career counseling services at Dalat
  • assistance with homeschool record keeping and transcripts

Regional Resources

Dalat also serves expat families throughout Asia as a member of the Asia Education Resource Consortium (AERC). This larger network of schools, agencies, and educational consultants offers a variety of services and opportunities including:

  • qualified and experienced staff in major cities throughout Asia
  • resource centers with lending libraries for books and teaching materials
  • family education conferences (FEC) in various Asian cities
  • personal consultation by e-mail, visits, phone, and Internet messaging
  • testing services, including standardized tests and specialized individual tests
  • secure members-only Web site and members’ forum: asiaerc.org

The DLRC and AERC provide critically needed educational services and support to expatriate families in Asia, particularly those who are using nontraditional educational methods such as home education, national schools, or online schooling to educate their children where they live.

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DLRC Dalat International School, Tanjung Bunga 11200 Penang, Malaysia

More Resources

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