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Dalat is excited to be the third international school in the world, the first in Asia, to use PowerSchool. PowerSchool is a web-based student information system with a centralized database. This ensures that data is exchanged in real time and as a result delivers the most current information available on a student. When teachers enter grades and attendance information for their class, that same data is immediately available to the school, office, and even to parents and students.

With PowerSchool, Dalat parents can access vital information about their children quickly and accurately. They can see the results of tests and assignments as soon as they are recorded, enabling them to intervene quickly if necessary. Parents can check the latest homework assignments and offer their children help with their schoolwork.

Parents of Dalat Middle and High School students can access this service by clicking on the PowerSchool icon at the bottom of this page. Parents are also strongly encouraged to read the following resource:

Dalat Parents, if you have any questions or have lost your login information please contact Mr. Alex White on psadmin@dalat.org.

PowerSchool Tutorials

PowerSchool Parent Portal Setup Part I

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PowerSchool Parent Portal Setup Part II

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PowerSchool Documents

View and download documents related to PowerSchool in our Dalat Download Center.