Reflector Yearbooks

An American Educational Tradition

Each year, a team of high school students works to document the school year through the creation of the yearbook. Dalat’s yearbook includes photography and articles that cover the wide variety of activities in which students participate across all three school divisions. Sections in the yearbook range from academics to sports to student life to extracurricular activities, and the editor selects a new theme each year to tie the book together. The yearbook also includes photos of students and staff as well as campus groups.

The creation of the yearbook at Dalat has a long history; the Reflector has been in print since 1962. Dalat’s history from its start in Vietnam through its time in Bangkok, the Cameron Highlands, and now Penang, Malaysia has been faithfully documented in the pages of these books.

All Dalat community members are welcome to purchase the Reflector each year at its May publication. Our yearbooks are archived online here. If you would like to purchase a print copy of an old yearbook, please contact Dalat’s office.

Latest Reflector Yearbook

View our latest Reflector Yearbook online. This document is also available to download in PDF format.

Yearbook Archives

You can also access decades of archived yearbook files on our Issuu publications site and view them right in your browser.