Dalat Videos

A Glimpse of Our School in Action

For the latest videos of concerts, dramas, and musicals visit Dalat’s YouTube channel.

Continuing the Legacy

Dalat International School provides a first-class academic education to children in preschool through Grade 12. This video gives you a glimpse of all areas of the school including curriculum, facilities, technology and test results. Dalat is a fully accredited, college-prep school that prepares children for their future.

Dalat Residence Life/Boarding

Dalat’s Residence Life program is one of the best in the world. It is a deliberate effort to maintain a family-like atmosphere when children live away from their families to go to school. This family-like atmosphere includes dorm parents and dorm brothers and sisters who eat together, play together, and support one another. It is a family.

Dalat’s program is also a partnership with parents to provide direction, accountability and love for their children. This video gives a peek into Dalat’s world-class boarding program and lets you hear a first-hand experience from students, parents, dorm parents and alumni.