Booster Club

Support Dalat's Sport Programs

The Dalat Athletic Booster Club (DABC) is a growing group of parents, coaches, and our Athletic Director brought together to help support & elevate our sport programs at Dalat. We organize and manage most volunteer activities from fundraising events to sports events hosted by Dalat. DABC is registered through the North America Booster Club Association.

What We Do

We organize volunteers for home tournaments and community social events. We raise funds through corporate sponsorships, Eagle Sports Merchandise & Spirit-Wear, and fundraising social events throughout the year. All funds raised go directly back to our Athletics and student-athletes at Dalat.

Why We Do It

We are passionate about raising the level of competition for our sports teams and providing a structure to improve the athletic program at Dalat. We believe this will give our athletes potential to increase their level of play and possibly continue their sports careers into college and beyond.

Recent Accomplishments

Bleachers for the soccer field

Ice machine for the gym

Various jerseys and equipment for teams

Live streaming and iPad equipment