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An important part of our communication strategy during this latest CMCO is this Covid-19 Web page. Here you will find up to date information, resources, helpful links, etc. So make sure to visit this page often throughout the CMCO.

Resources, helps, timetables, best practices etc for each division can be found here.

Page Last Updated: 18 October, 2021

COVID-19 Response Guide for Parents

There is a lot uncertainty right now in regards to COVID and the various requirements. In writing these guidelines, Dalat has taken into account information given by the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Education (MOE), and other local international schools. These guidelines are to assist parents in determining when to send their children to school and when to keep them at home.

Current Status

Health, Student, Parent, and Travel Advisory

The most recent update is at the top of this page.

Dear Dalat Parents,

We are just a couple hours away from a well-deserved mid semester break. Students, teachers, and parents have worked hard this quarter and can be proud of all that has been accomplished and the way in which we are navigating the pandemic the best we can. We are hopeful that in the near future we will be transitioning back to face to face classes, but unfortunately we do not know for sure when that will happen. In light of that here is some information for parents to be aware of:

When Penang Moves to Phase III

  • We are optimistic that we will hear soon that Penang has moved to phase III and when that happens we will shortly be able to have our high school students return to school on campus.
  • When we receive the news we will communicate with parents our plans for transitioning the HS students back to face to face classes.
  • Dalat will work and plan to have them return to face to face as soon as possible, but some information sent out from the MOE has stated that there will be a two week period between the announcement and the first day of face to face classes. There is some confusion on this so we will let you know as soon as we know for sure what the expectations will be.
  • If there is an announcement over the break and there is not a two week requirement by the MOE our HS students would return to face to face classes on Tuesday (18th). That Monday will be used by teachers to prepare their classrooms and the campus for the students return the next day. More information will be sent out to parents if this happens.

When Penang Moves to Phase IV

  • As we follow the Covid related statistics for Penang we do see that meeting the requirements for phase IV might not be that far off.
  • When Penang moves to phase IV we will be able to have our ES and MS students return to campus.
  • We will communicate with parents all the plans related to transitioning our ES and MS students back to face to face classes.

Our youngest students (preschool and kindergarten) are back on campus and it is so great to see them here. We did have a the MOE drop by for an inspection and were given positive feedback on the steps and SOP’s we have taken. We are also quite close to having 100% of all our faculty and staff fully vaccinated (Oct 20th) and an overwhelming majority of our HS students have started the vaccination process. We are optimistic and hopeful that in the next quarter our students will be back to face to face classes and our campus will come alive once again.

Dear Dalat Parents,

Over the last 18 months we have learned that when new SOP’s and other announcements are made about the MCO’s it takes time for there to be clarification and a full understanding of what exactly the MOE, MOH, and the gov’t are saying. This is no different with the recent announcements related to students returning to face to face classes this semester. There is still some confusion and Dalat is working hard to get clarification but for now we want to update you on what we know and steps we are taking as a school.

  • Next Wednesday we are able to invite students in preschool and kindergarten back to campus for face to face classes. The teachers have been working hard in preparation for that.
  • What about our older students? It is our understanding that our high school students will be able to return to campus for face to face classes when Penang transitions to phase III. Penang has met all but one of the requirements for moving to phase III (ICU load) and so we hope this will happen soon. We don’t expect that it will be before the mid semester break, but when it does happen we will work hard to get our students back as soon as possible.
  • For our other students (ES and MS) it appears that we will not be able to invite them back on campus until we reach phase IV. We are hopeful that the vaccination program and other measures taken will result in us achieving phase four soon.
  • With the possibility that we will need to continue online education past the mid semester break, we are organizing a third pick up day for parents. The current plan is that teachers will place new resources into student lockers prior to the mid semester break and then during the week of break parents will be able to come and get them when it is most convenient. There will be more information about this in the Dalat News in the coming weeks.
  • It is now possible for parents to visit campus to check out books from the library. Information about this was in the Dalat News that was sent out earlier today.
  • The information about the vaccine program for ages 12-17 has been incredibly confusing and there are many rumors circulating.
  • Dalat has provided the names and contact information of students who want to take the vaccine to the MOH. Dalat has told the MOH that we are willing to be a vaccination center for students, but we have not heard anything back in the last week. We will continue passing on information to parents that we get regarding the vaccines, but we know that some of the information is confusing itself.
  • At this point approximately 50 Dalat students (18 and older or those who were overseas) have received at least the first vaccine shot.
  • One of the rumors floating around is that a student will need to be fully vaccinated to attend face to face classes. Please know that we have not received any information from the MOE or MOH stating that as a rule.
  • At this point 92% of our teachers are fully vaccinated and by October 20th all of the Dalat staff will be fully vaccinated.
  • Parents are encouraged to keep checking our Covid 19 web page as we do update it with helpful information and resources for our parents.

I know that this continues to be a challenging time for us as a community, but I am hopeful that we are seeing the progress needed to be together again on campus. Thanks for your understanding and patience as we do our best to meet the needs of our families throughout all the confusion and problems created by this unprecedented pandemic.

Dear Dalat Parents,

Over the weekend the government announced a new set of SOP’s for students to return to face to face classes. Similar to what has happened in the past the announcement creates a lot of questions that then take days and even weeks to get clarification on. Dalat is currently working with the MOE and other international schools to try and fully understand what these new SOP’s mean for our community.

Once there is more clarity we will definitely communicate this to parents through our Covid 19 web page, Dalat News, email, etc. Thanks for your understanding and patience as we try to figure it all out.

Malaysia Day Holiday Thursday, September 16
9월 16일 목요일 말레이시아의 날 휴일
九月十六日 周四 马来西亚日放假

There will be no online school on Thursday, September 16, in celebration of Malaysia Day. We would like to wish our Malaysian family and friends a very happy Malaysia Day!

Malaysia Day is held on September 16 every year to commemorate the establishment of the Malaysian federation on the same date in 1963. It marked the joining together of Malaya, North Borneo, Sarawak, and Singapore to form Malaysia. (Source: Wikipedia)

Elementary School Parent-Teacher Conferences (Grades K–4)
초등학교 학부모 교사 상담회의 (유치원-4학년)

On September 13–15 and 17, parents may meet with their child’s teacher in a virtual conference time, with sign-ups for appointments beginning September 6. Parents must schedule their conference time through the PowerSchool portal. Your scheduled time will be emailed directly to you. (Please note that September 16 is a public holiday, and no conferences will be scheduled on that day.)

Here are a few ways parents can make the most of their conference time:

  • Be on time. Please be considerate of the teacher’s and other parents’ schedules.
  • Honor the time limit. If you need more than your allotted 15 minutes, please reschedule another appointment time.
  • Ask questions. Your child’s teacher is happy to address any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Be relaxed and be yourself. Teachers are looking forward to talking with you one on one. They value your partnership and want to get to know you better.
  • Ask for a translator. If you are not comfortable conferencing in English, please arrange for or ask your teacher’s assistance in securing a translator.

Dear Dalat Community,

In about ten days we start our next school year at Dalat. Staff and teachers are working hard in preparation for the start of school on August 4th. Here is some information I would like to pass on to you as we transition from break to having school again.

  • We will be starting school online this year. The MOE has announced that schools will transition to face to face classes starting Sept 1st, so we are hopeful that online learning will be just for the beginning of the semester.
  • The principals and teachers will be sending out informational emails towards the end of next week for students and parents.
  • Want to quickly say welcome to our new families. We are so excited to have you join our community. For our new families we will be having a day of online orientation sessions on Monday, August 2nd. Mrs Yost (Admissions Director) will be emailing our new families with more information about the online orientation plans for new parents and students.
  • On Tuesday, August 3rd, we will be having a “pick up” day to get textbooks and other school resources to our students. We ask that no students come with their parents and that only one parent comes to get their child’s school supplies. There will be more information about this in the principal emails later next week.
  • With the MOE telling us that we will transition to face to face starting on Sept 1st, we ask that any current students who are out of country be back in Malaysia by August 15th to complete the two week quarantine. We ask that families not take chances and put your children in a situation where they miss school because they have not completed the quarantine period in time.
  • We are so blessed to have all of our new staff in country and ready for the start of the year. This week we have been spending time with them in our new staff orientation.
  • Please remember that we have our Covid 19 web page where we keep you updated and provide resources for families to help as we journey through this pandemic.
  • With the start of face to face postponed, there is not the same rush to get uniforms. However during the month of August families can set up an appointment with Claudia ( to come and take care of their uniform needs.
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to get a copy of the book “Pandemic People: Eight Strategies to Help Generation Z Rediscover Hope After Coronavirus” by Tim Elmore. This is a short book full of important ideas and strategies for helping your children deal with the pandemic.
  • Our theme this year is, “It’s GROW Time” with “grow” being an acronym for Grateful, Resilient, Optimistic, Willing. We will introduce it more to the community as we start the school year.

As we begin this next year together we again face the challenge of online education which is not easy but we are confident in both our teachers and our students. We are also optimistic at what this next year holds for our community. We don’t know exactly what will happen over the next year, but we do know that we will get through this together. We are so glad that you are a part of the Dalat community.

All the best.

Karl Steinkamp

Dear Dalat Parents,

This morning we received communication from the MOE informing us that all schools will be closed to face to face learning until at least June 6th. Our last student day was to be June 1st so we will not have any chance to come back for face to face classes this semester. The school leadership team met this afternoon to discuss the impact this has on the end of our school year. The leadership team has decided to modify the end of the semester to the following schedule:

• We will change the last student day from Tuesday June 1st back to Wednesday May 26th.
• We will have a “graduation day” for seniors and their parents on Thursday May 27th. More details to come about that.
• Students in 8th grade through 12th grade will take their final exams Monday May 24th to Wednesday May 26th.
• ES and MS students will have a “goodbye day” on Wednesday, May 26th. More details to come about that.

We will communicate a lot more information about the final events and plans for the school year next week. As the leadership team wrestled with how to finish the semester as best we can, we determined that modifying the schedule would be best for the following reasons:

• Traditionally the last four days of a “normal” semester are half days of school.
• They are filled with end of the year activities for the younger students (field trips, parties, sports day, etc) and for the older students final exams.
• This has been a very difficult and hard year for our students and they are tired emotionally and psychologically.
• With the change back to online school we expect that our students will struggle with motivation these last few weeks especially as we grow closer to the end. That struggle with motivation could have a negative impact on them and their grades.

Thank you for all the ways you have partnered with us this year as we have navigated these challenging times. We will continue to work hard to help your children finish well and to bring the year to a close.

Dear Dalat Parents,

The administration met today to do our best to adapt to the implementing of an MCO starting tomorrow. Here is some important information for you to be aware of today:

Tomorrow will be an independent learning school day that is announced and communicated to the students through SeeSaw and DIScourse. MS and HS students are expected to sign on tomorrow morning (9:00am) to see what teachers are asking them to do. MS and HS teachers have been asked to post the learning activities/assignments by 9:00am.
Tuesday and Wednesday will follow a similar online class schedule to what we had at the beginning of the semester and will involve Zoom classes that students are to attend. This will be communicated to students and parents by your principals.
Parents will be able to come on campus to pick up personal items from lockers and to get student resources needed for online classes after 2:00pm tomorrow. Your principal and teachers will be letting their students know if there are resources they will need for their classes.
• The AP exams will go forward as scheduled on campus. Students taking these exams can/will get a travel letter from the school.
• There will not be any changes to the upcoming four day weekend this week. Thursday and Friday will not involve online classes (AP tests schedule those days are still happening).
• The Dalat leadership team will be meeting early this week to try to develop the best plan possible as we juggle both an MCO and the ending our semester in the coming weeks.
• You will be receiving an email from your principal(s) later today with more information about how we will be doing school this week.

I know that this turn of events is hard for everyone. We will do our best to help our students journey as best they can through the final weeks of the semester. Thanks for your understanding and patience with us as we try to handle all the implications this MCO has for you and Dalat.

All the best.

Dear Dalat Parents,

Over the last couple of days, we have been trying to get clarification on the decision by the MOE to have all national schools in Malaysia go online for two weeks following the Hari Raya holiday (May 17th – May 28th). At this point, from phone calls to MOE and in talking with other heads of schools, this is our understanding of the situation:

• International schools are not required to follow the mandatory SOP to be online following the Hari Raya holiday.
• With Dalat ending its school year the first week of June, going online for those two weeks would be very disruptive to our students’ education.
• Dalat is currently planning to continue with face-to-face classes those two weeks and until the end of the semester on June 1st.
• If the MOE does change the SOP and we are required to go online, we will follow the directive and communicate with parents how we will transition to online.

Another aspect of Covid right now is that in the last few weeks there have been cases of Covid at schools around Malaysia and a few of them have been at international schools. The current SOP, as we understand it, is that when this happens the school is closed for two days for a thorough cleaning and disinfecting the campus. The MOH may then allow the school to go back to face-to-face or, depending on the situation, extend the closing. IF there is a confirmed Covid case, Dalat will communicate the closing to parents once we have been notified by the MOH. For many reasons, to transition to a full Zoom schedule for just two days would be quite difficult for teachers, students, and parents. Therefore, the two days of learning would be directed through DIScourse and SeeSaw. If the MOH were to extend our closing, then we would shift to online Zoom classes.

We will continue to update you if there are new developments, but for now we want families to know what our current plans are. Thanks for your continued understanding and support during all of the chaos of Covid.

Dear Dalat Parents,

I wanted to do a quick update now that we are a week or so into being back to face to face. I am not sure how each of you are feeling, but I love having our kids back on campus. There is just so much that happens educationally, relationally, and communally when we can be together.

Here are a few things to be aware of as we continue.

Thank you: I wanted to say thank you for your patience with our pick-up and drop-off procedures. The way in which we need to do it does create some backups and problems that can be a little bit frustrating. Thanks for having patience with us and with each other when coming to drop off and pick up your children.

The Galley: Our new cafeteria and multipurpose space is open and is awesome. I am really excited to show it to parents when we can. Ask your kids what they think about our newest addition. Some day down the road we will be together in The Galley as a community.

Casual Contact Notice: A few parents and some Dalat staff have received what is referred to as a “casual contact notice” through the MySejahtera app. After checking further, this means that they were in a location (Tesco, restaurant, etc) where another individual was who later tested positive for Covid. This is still low risk and is why the person is asked by the MoH to watch their symptoms but no drastic steps are taken (no Covid testing, quarantine, etc). We have worked with the MOE and confirmed that they do not require a student or staff person to quarantine or stay away from school if they receive this casual contact notice. However, in order to protect our community as much as possible, we do ask that you inform us and that the student remain home for two days. This gives the MoH time to further confirm or take steps if there were more serious concerns related to the contact.

Parent Access: With the new more stringent SOP’s one of the steps we have had to take is to be much more restrictive with parent access to campus (preschool parents are still able to pick up and drop off). We do ask that you not come into the school area of the campus. If there is a need to come into the area we ask that you first check with your principal to make sure that this will be okay.

The steps that the community and the school are taking are not easy. Wearing a mask all day is definitely not fun, but these steps help us limit the spread and make it possible for us to be back together. I am optimistic at the progress Malaysia and the world has made in the last couple of months and believe that we will continue to improve throughout the coming year.

Dear Dalat Parents,

As we continue to prepare for the return of students to our campus next week, here is some important information about the drop off and pick up procedures. Please keep in mind that with the new SOP’s we have to be more restrictive in regards to parent access to the campus.

Here are some important reminders and information about the procedures.

Morning Drop-Off:

• Parents may drive through all drop off lanes as usual.

• Preschool parents only may park and walk your child to class; you will need to have your temperatures checked and check in using the My Sejahtera app.

• Other parents may park and walk their children to the temperature check station. Parents are not allowed to enter campus beyond the temperature check stations at this time.

• Students may not be dropped off before 8:00 AM.

• After students are dropped off, they should go to the following locations until school starts.

• ES – classrooms
• MS – outdoor court
• HS – locker area

Afternoon Pick-up:

Please display the number placard in your window. Drive to the assigned pick-up point to meet your child.

• All children in a family should be picked up at the assigned point for the youngest child.

• K-2: Main campus, ES drop-off area
• 3-7: Upper field
• 8-12: Main campus, in front of main office

• When we see your number, Dalat staff will notify your child that you are here to pick them up. Students will be waiting in the assigned areas.

• Parents of HS students, please let them know (through phones) when you arrive, as they will not all be waiting in a centralized area.

• If your child is not there to meet you, you will need to drive around the loop again or park while waiting for your child.

• If you do park your car, please walk to the temperature check station and meet your children there as we do not want students walking through the parking lots.

Please be patient with each other and Dalat as we do expect some delays and problems the first few days as we all learn again how to get 700 students on and off the campus in a short amount of time. We will get good at it again but there might be a few bumps along the way.

SOPs for Face-to-Face Classes next Monday

Parents, please note the following SOPs that will be in effect at Dalat as we return to in-person classes:

  • Parent access to campus will become more limited. Parents may walk their children to the temperature stations in the morning, but only preschool parents may walk them to classrooms. Parents may come to the main office during the school day, but no other places on campus. Parents bringing lunch for their students must bring it to the main office.
  • The same drop-off and pick-up procedures from last semester will be used. Please display your family number in the windshield when picking students up in the afternoon:
    • Grades K–2 will be picked up in front of the elementary building on campus.
    • Grades 3–7 use the upper field lot  for pick-up.
    • Grades 8–12 are picked up in front of the Harbor
  • Face masks are now required to be worn on campus for everyone throughout the day at school. The only exceptions are while eating or drinking and during strenuous physical activity. Only elementary students have the option to bring a face shield to wear while seated at their desks, but they must also have a mask at school to be used anytime they are away from their desks.
  • Only healthy people are allowed on campus. If one person in a household has COVID symptoms, the whole family must stay away from school and self-isolate. Please download the “Parent Response Guide” on this web page to learn about when your children should stay home from school in order to protect their classmates.
  • Physical distancing of at least one meter is required at all times by everyone.
  • Playgrounds will remain closed. Students will have structured outdoor play times, including PE.
  • Temperature and contract tracing are still required for everyone upon entry to campus.
  • Dalat will limit interaction between groups of students and teachers as much as possible. In elementary, this means enforcing the class bubbles. In middle and high school, we will keep the contact circles as small as possible.
  • When more than one group of students uses the same classroom (changing classes), the room will be sanitized between groups. This includes desks, doorknobs, and anything else likely to be touched. Rooms will have disinfectants available.
  • If one member of our school community is diagnosed with COVID-19, a health officer from the MOH will be assigned to us. The officer will review all contract tracing to determine which classes and/or divisions must close and for how long. They have a lot of discretion based on the details of the case.
  • We will continue to use the cafeteria and the gym until we receive approval to use the new Galley. Students taking school lunch are allowed to eat in the cafeteria with social distancing. Elementary students who bring lunch from home will continue to eat in their classrooms. We will revisit this plan when the new cafeteria opens providing additional space.

Download our Response Guide for Parents:

Email to Parents (26 Feb, 2021 6:46AM):

Dear Dalat Parents,

We are greatly looking forward to having students back on campus for face-face learning on March 8. We know that the transition will be a wonderful change for some but for others could be a difficult one. We want you to know that we are committed to keeping your kids safe and healthy at school. We expect students to come to school unless there are extenuating circumstances in your family.

The MOE sent us updated SOP’s just before Chinese New Year and we want to share some of the highlights with you. It is important to know that the SOP’s for local and private schools are very different. Some of this may be different than you’ve heard from other schools.

  • Parent access to campus will now be limited. Only preschool parents may enter campus for drop-off and pick-up. Other parents must meet their students in the parking lots. Parents may come to the main office during the school day, but not to other parts of campus. There will be a table in front of the office for parents to drop off student lunches during the day.
  • The drop-off and pick-up procedures from last semester will be used. Please display your family number in the windshield when picking students up. Students in grades K-2 will be picked up in front of the elementary building, grades 3-7 in the upper field lot, and 8-12 in front of the main office. You may drive through or park and want your children to the temperature scanning stations.
  • Face masks are required throughout the day at school. The only exceptions are while eating or drinking and during strenuous physical activity. Elementary students may bring a face shield in addition to a face mask. While seated at their own desks, they may switch the mask for a shield.
  • Only healthy people are allowed on campus. If someone in the household has COVID symptoms, the whole family should stay away from school and self-isolate. please see the “Parent Response Guide” attachment for information about when your children should stay home from school in order to protect their classmates.
  • Physical distancing of at least one meter is required at all times.
  • Playgrounds will remain closed. Kids will have structured outdoor play times, including PE.
  • Temperature and health screening are still required upon entry to campus.
  • We want to limit interaction between different groups of students as much as possible. In elementary, this means enforcing our class bubbles. In middle and high school, we also want to keep the contact circles as small as possible.
  • If a member of the school community is diagnosed with COVID-19, a health officer will be assigned to us. They will follow up on who the person had contact with. This person, from the MOH, will do all contract tracing and tell us which classes/divisions have to close and for how long. They have a lot of discretion based on the details of the case.
  • Students are allowed to eat in the cafeteria with social distancing. We will continue to use the cafeteria and gym until we receive final approval to use the Galley. Elementary students who bring lunch from home will continue to eat in their classrooms while those with school lunch eat in the cafeteria. We will revisit this once the Galley is open.
  • When more than one group of students uses the same classroom (changing classes), the room will be sanitized between groups of students. This would include desks, doorknobs, and anything else likely to be touched.
  • Parents of boarding students may only come on campus to visit their children with permission from Brian and Val.

Thanks so much for your cooperation as we adjust again to new SOPs. We are really looking forward to having all of the students back on campus and being together again.

Dear Dalat Parents,

At 5:00pm this afternoon the MOE held a press conference related to schools in Malaysia returning to face to face classes. It appears that international schools will be able to have all our students return by March 8th.

This is very encouraging news. We will wait to get more clarification from the MOE on what all of this means. We will connect with you more next week as we prepare for our students to return to campus.

Email to Parents (15 Feb, 2021 6:32PM):

Dear Dalat Parents,

We received a lengthy new SOP last week from the MOE (ministry of education) in regards to face to face classes. We are optimistic that this could be an indicator that we will soon be allowed to have all our students return to campus for school.

Along with all of you we do not know when they will make the announcement regarding the MCO and what their decision will be related to schools. This uncertainty brings many challenges for our teachers and our students. To teach a lesson online or face to face is very different in many ways and takes time and planning. Our teachers need to know soon whether or not school this Friday is online or face to face. There are also some scheduling issues created when only having one day face to face this week. With that in mind we will continue online education this Friday no matter when or what the announcement is from the government. Our hope is that we will hear good news and that next week we will be back face to face.

We will communicate much more once we have a better understanding of what the government is planning to do in regards to the MCO.

Thanks for your understanding and patience. We are hopeful and optimistic that soon we will be back together physically as a school and a community.

Email to Parents (3 Feb, 2021 11:22AM):

Dear Dalat Parents,

As you know, MCO has been extended to February 18th. This is not the news we were hoping for but we still remain optimistic that the next announcement will be one that allows schools to go back to face to face classes. Until then we are committed to working hard to provide the best online education we can for our amazing students. Here is some information to be aware of.

With the extension of the MCO some teachers may need parents to come to school and pick up resources and packets for their students. We do have our littlest students (preschool and kindergarten) attending school in the morning, so the pickup of these resources will be planned for Thursday and Friday afternoons this week (12:30 – 4:30pm). For the parents needing to come for the packets/resources, they will receive further instructions from the principal and/or their teachers. Please understand that only parents are to come for the pick-up. Your children are not to come to campus with you. Thanks for your understanding of this expectation.

The library will be open during the pick-up time on Thursday and Friday afternoon. Parents can come to drop off and pick up books. Once again parents are not allowed to bring their children with them. Only parents are allowed to come to the library.

• As we continue to journey through online education with you it is important for us to hear from you. Principals will be asking for feedback in their next email out to you. Parents should also know that they can at any time connect directly with a principal or me if they have a question or important feedback. You will find on our website and specifically on the Covid-19 web page email/contact information for the administrators. Do not hesitate to connect with us as we want to know how we can help and support you and your children.

Along with all of you, our hope is that the steps being taken by our government will begin to make an impact and will result in our being able to go back to face to face class.

Email to Parents (25 Jan, 2021 1:26PM):

Dear Dalat Parents,

Just a quick update from Dalat as we head into a new week. Here is some important information for you to be aware of:

  • As I am sure you are all aware the MCO was extended in Penang until Feb 4th. We are still optimistic that we will return to face to face classes in the near future. Until then we will continue to “do school” via our online programs.
  • This Wednesday some of our preschool and kindergarten students will be returning for face to face classes. Under the SOP’s from MoH and MoE preschool and kindergarten students may continue to attend school on campus during the MCO. With the extension of the MCO Dalat has offered to parents of these students the option of face to face or online. Unfortunately this is not an option for the other grades at this time.
  • With all the uncertainty of the virus and the gov’ts actions parents are strongly encouraged not to plan travel outside of the country during this semester for their children. For a number of reasons Dalat is not able to offer the STEP program this semester. If you are not able to return to Malaysia because of gov’t restrictions you unfortunately will need to find other schooling options for the remainder of the semester. I know the travel restrictions have been difficult for families but if at all possible it is best to stay in Malaysia during the semester.
  • Student leaders from 11th grade decided they wanted to encourage the high school students so along with other student leaders from other grades they have put together a fun video. It’s got some cool “dance” moves by students and even a couple staff members. Check it out at the following link –
  • Remember that we have lots of resources and information on our Covid 19 web page. The page is updated often so do not hesitate to come back to it frequently.

This pandemic is hard on all of us for so many reasons. We miss having your children here on campus. We believe we will soon be back together. Until then hold on and stay safe.

Email to Parents (11 Jan, 2021 10:22PM):

Dear Dalat Parents,

As most of you know Malaysia has decided to return to an MCO for at least the next two weeks in specific states and Penang is one of them. Our teachers and staff were working today in preparation for this possibility. Please read through the important information below in regards to the start of school this week.

  • We will start school on Wednesday and it will be online.
  • You will be receiving an email directly from the divisional principals regarding online school and starting on Wednesday. Please read through them carefully.
  • The school will be open from 2:00 – 5:00pm tomorrow for those parents who need to come and pick up resources provided by teachers.
  • The side parking lot will be open as we do expect that the front parking lot could be quite full.
  • If you come on campus please wear a mask, get your temperature checked, and follow social distancing expectations.
  • The library will be open in the afternoon for books to be checked out.
  • We are discouraging students (but not banning) to come on campus as we are trying to limit the number of people who are here.

I know for most the announcement from the PM was discouraging news. As we have throughout the past year we will continue to journey together as a community and do our best to get through the coming weeks and the new restrictions placed on us. We will do our best and along with you hope that very soon our students will be back on campus and together for school.

Email to Parents (6 Jan, 2021 2:11PM):

Dear Dalat Parents,

Happy new year to the Dalat community. A week from today students at Dalat will be returning to face to face classes here on campus. We are confident of this as the MOE has decided to allow schools to be open even when and if they are red zone areas. Many international schools in KL are opening up this week and returning to face to face classes. Here are a few announcements for our community as we prepare to start our second semester together:

  • Please do not send your children to school if they have any flu like symptoms. Yes there are other flu’s circulating so having the symptoms does not mean you have Covid but at this time we would ask that you not send them to school if they have any symptoms at all (cough, sore throat, fever, aches, etc).
  • Please do not come on campus (parents) if you yourself have any symptoms. You may drop off your child for school but please do not come physically on campus.
  • Please do not have your children or yourself come on campus if you might have been exposed to someone with Covid recently. Please connect with the administration if you have had some sort of contact or possible exposure.
  • At this time the MOE is not allowing after school activities to resume. Our hope is that sometime soon we will be able to start up our activities again. We will keep you updated on that.
  • Unfortunately we ran into some bureaucratic red tape at the end of the year and we will not be able to obtain the CCC certification for the new cafeteria (The Galley) before the first day of school. Our hope is that within a few weeks we will obtain the necessary permissions and paperwork to start using our newest building. We will keep you updated.
  • We are pleased to announce that we have already hired 14 of the 16 open staff positions for next year. This will be really helpful as we navigate the visa and travel process for our staff this coming year.
  • We are hopeful this semester will see us begin to exit the impact and effects of the pandemic and returning to a more “normal” school life.
  • Remember that we post updates and helpful information on our Covid 19 website.

We look forward to having our students back on campus and to be together again as a community.

Email to Parents (5 Dec, 2020 7:00PM):

We have confirmed with the MOE that we will be able to go back to face to face classes in Penang. As planned we will stay with online classes on Monday and then have students return to school on Tuesday. We need Monday to get the campus ready and teachers will need some time to transition their curriculum back to face to face.

We are so excited to have our students coming back to school. See you on Tuesday.

Email to Parents (3 Dec, 2020 3:49PM):

We are anticipating an announcement tomorrow regarding the CMCO. For the decision to be communicated this late puts schools in a difficult situation in trying to plan for next week. Unfortunately we also need to be ready for the possibility that we will not have a clear decision until later in the weekend because it is a secondary decision by the state government that will be the final determination for schools like Dalat.

In light of this the senior leadership team of Dalat has put the following criteria in place to help us navigate the CMCO decision:

• If the announcement tomorrow is clear that the CMCO is being lifted in Penang we will resume face to face classes on Monday.
• If there is no announcement tomorrow or if the announcement is unclear until the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) we will continue online school on Monday and resume face to face on Tuesday.
• If the announcement is that the CMCO is being extended we will continue online and communicate with parents how we will plan to bring the semester to a close (final exams, etc).

Our deepest hope is that we will be together again on campus next week. Thanks for all the ways you have supported your children, each other, and Dalat through this CMCO time.

Dalat is still planning to hold the December 5 SAT session unless we are notified otherwise by the MOE. All students/parents have been emailed about this. (HS Guidance)

Email to Parents (9 Nov, 2020 9:29AM):

Good morning. As we start the first day of this new CMCO order there is some important information for parents:

  • Thankyou: I just first want to say thank you for how gracious and supportive parents were during the pick-up process yesterday (Sunday). It went smoothly and that was partly because of how helpful and understanding our families were.
  • Why No School Today: There are no online classes today for Dalat students. To start online education well our teachers and principal’s need time to work on the details of transitioning to it. A lesson plan for a face to face class may need to be fully modified, our teachers need to meet and collaborate, our plans need to be finalized, etc. We think it is better to take extra time to start well than to rush into it too quickly and do a poor job of launching back into online education.
  • Grace and Patience: No matter how much we plan and work on it there will be some glitches and problems as we move into online education again. This can be on our end or your end (tech problems, etc). We will have some bumps in the road but know that we are committed to working them out as quickly as possible.
  • Please Read Your Emails: There will be numerous emails from the school, principals, and teachers this week as we transition back to online education. It is very important that parents AND students read the emails and other forms of communication sent to them carefully. Our online education for this CMCO will look a little different than it did last year as we have made changes and improvements. Please take time to read the emails carefully and make sure your children are doing the same with the information being sent to them by their teachers and principals.
  • Online Educational Philosophy: I communicated this last semester but think it is important to do it again. Through our research of best practices for online education, collaborating with other schools, getting input from experts, etc, we do not think it is best to simply try to replace the face to face classrooms with cameras and online videos. Some schools are choosing to keep the exact same daily schedule and just shift it all to online and video classes all day. For many reasons we do not feel this is best for our students. Learning is not just about the textbooks, tests, worksheets but the whole student and being on a computer all day staring at a screen is not emotionally or physically good for anyone.
  • We are Committed to you: I wanted to let you know that the staff at Dalat are so committed to you and your children. Within 2 hours of the CMCO announcement on Saturday afternoon the senior leadership team convened on campus and met through the night to plan for the transition. When I came out of the meeting at 9:30pm that night I saw at least a half a dozen classroom lights on and teachers working diligently in them. On Sunday morning when admin arrived to start preparing for the day there were at least a dozen teachers on campus already working and preparing for the new normal.
  • Covid 19 Web Page:  An important part of our communication strategy is our Covid 19 Web page. You will find up to date information, resources, helpful links, etc, etc. We are redesigning it today to make it as effective as possible for this new CMCO. Later today make sure to visit the updated web page and then come back often throughout the CMCO.

We have said this many times before but it is even more true now, we are in this together, and I am confident that the Dalat community will continue navigate this pandemic as best we can.

Karl Steinkamp
Head of School
Dalat International School

Email to Parents (8 Nov, 2020 1:32PM):

Later this afternoon (Sunday) from 2:00 – 5:00pm the campus will be open for you and or your student to come on campus and get their school books, resources, personal belongings, etc. Just a few things to be aware of for this pickup time:

  • The school is open for three hours so do not feel rushed or that you must all come at 2:00pm. It will be much better if actually some of you plan to come later in the day.
  • We will be taking temperature checks just like we do during a normal school day (at tables on campus).
  • The front parking lot will be opened first and if it fills up we will open up the upper field parking lot as well.
  • For our ES students educational packets will be placed in your child’s locker for you to pick up.
  • If your child has a band instrument at school the band room will be open for you to go and get it.
  • Your child can come with you to help you get their stuff but we ask that they stay with you while on campus and that they do not play on the playgrounds.

We will have staff on campus to help with the pickup time but teachers will not necessarily be there or available to answer questions directly. Principals and teachers will be communicating with you and your children in the next two days to prepare for online school starting on Tuesday.

More questions will come up as the week progresses so do not hesitate to contact your teacher, principals, etc and we will do our best to answer them in a timely manner.

Karl Steinkamp
Head of School
Dalat International School

Email to Parents (7 Nov, 2020 10:10PM):

The school leadership team met together this evening to try and work through how to best help our community transition to online learning. The following is information you should be aware of in regards to that transition:

  • Tomorrow Dalat campus will be open from 2:00 to 5:00pm for students and parents to come and pick up their textbooks, instruments, personal belongings, etc. We ask that all families come pick up the supplies that students will need for the next four weeks.
  • The ES students will have educational packets that have been prepared by the ES teachers in their lockers that parents can pick up tomorrow from 2:00 to 5:00pm.
  • The library will be open from 2:00 to 5:00 tomorrow as well. You may check out books for your kids to read during the CMCO.
  • There will not be online school on Monday. This gives our teachers a day to collaborate together and work to prepare and make sure that the first day goes as best it can.
  • Please make sure that you are technologically prepared for online school to begin on Tuesday.
  • You will be receiving emails and information from your principal’s in regards to online school so please be watching for those and read them carefully.
  • You are encouraged to prepare your home in a way that creates an educational environment for your children to do their online work during the day.
  • We will be communicating via emails and updating our Covid 19 web page with information and resources.

Transitioning to online learning will be challenging much like it was last semester and there will be some glitches and bumps along the way. We will work hard to work them out as quickly as possible and to make the online learning as valuable as possible for our students. We will continue to offer information and resources through our Covid 19 web page so check it from time to time.

Karl Steinkamp
Head of School
Dalat International School

Email to Parents:

Along with you I just received the news a few minutes ago that the Malaysian government has decided to return to a CMCO for much of West Malaysia starting this Monday. This is unfortunate for schools as this creates problems in trying to help families move from face to face to online without having a day with our students before it starts. We will need to figure out a way for our families to get the textbooks and resources our students need to continue their education and will communicate that to you as soon as possible.

The administration team will be meeting later tonight to try and work through a plan for our community in regards to transitioning to online. We will send out more information to you via email and on our Covid 19 web page soon as we can.

Thanks for your understanding as we work through all the details this decision now creates for Dalat and you our families.

Karl Steinkamp
Head of School
Dalat International School

(From: Dalat News – 6 November, 2020)

Dalat students and staff are so blessed to be able to learn and teach face to face! However, now that three international schools in Penang have needed to return to online learning due to the targeted CMCO, it is important for Dalat to also prepare for this possibility.

At school, we are working on plans to resume online learning if necessary. If we are required to close, we will take a day or two to implement our online learning systems before beginning. There are also a few things we need you as parents to do in preparation:

  • Update contact information (address and phone number) in PowerSchool;
  • Make sure you have enough devices for synchronous learning (when the class meets together as a group) for all of your children;
  • Ensure that you have fast, reliable internet service and plenty of bandwidth;
  • Prepare a space at home that is conducive to online learning.

Our hope is that we can continue to teach and learn at school, but it makes good sense for us all to be ready in case we must stay at home. Thank you for your partnership in education, however it is delivered!

(From: Dalat News – 30 October, 2020)

As you have probably heard, some regions of Malaysia have had a CMCO reinstated. Several schools throughout the country are currently closed. We have no indication from the government that this will happen in Penang, but we want to let you know that we are prepared just in case. If we are required to close school, we will let you know the details for online learning. Dalat will also take a day or two to prepare the online lessons before beginning an online schedule.

We learned quite a bit during the online learning phase last semester and will make several changes. One that you need to be aware of is that more synchronous learning will be required. That means there will be required scheduled online classes for at least some of the day. In the event that schools close, we would advise you to stay in this time zone to make online learning work better for your students.

In the last two days we have received information that has resulted in Dalat making changes to its schedule, procedures, and expectations.

The first bit of information we received was in the form of a circular from the MOE (KL) late yesterday that requires schools to limit or cancel a number of activities and programs. We spent today clarifying what the circular is communicating and we are making the following changes:

• We have cancelled our intramural sports program as well some other extra-curricular activities.
• We have cancelled or modified the following events planned for the near future: senior class lock-in, spiritual life retreat, junior class Servathon, SEW.
• The ES, MS, and HS divisions will be making changes to the recess and lunch break protocols for students.
• The ES, MS and HS divisions will be modifying and making changes to the PE program.
• The ES will reinstate the class level “bubbles” as part of their school day.

A second piece of information was sent to us this afternoon. Earlier today, Tejani Clinic sent out a notification that it was closed for cleaning as they had a patient who visited there last week (Oct. 14th) who tested positive for Covid yesterday (at a different location on the island). They are working with the government and following their protocols and will be allowed to reopen tomorrow after thorough cleaning. I understand that this will increase the level of concern for many of you but strongly encourage you not to be involved in spreading unverified information and rumors that will create fear in our community.

We are committed to you and your family as we journey through these uncertain times. I am grateful for the many different ways the Dalat community has supported each other and the school. We are grateful for such a strong community.

The Dalat campus is full of activity as the staff and teachers work hard to prepare for our first day of school next week. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to resume face to face classes here in Malaysia. The MOE visited our school on Tuesday to review the policies and procedures and inspect our campus. They were very complimentary of Dalat throughout the inspection while giving us a few suggestions of changes we could make. Those suggested changes are being made this week and will be implemented before school starts.

With the new policies and procedures our school day will be different than what our families have experienced in the past. Our community will need to learn new procedures and requirements that enable us to have school while ensuring a safe environment.

To do this we need to have a meeting with parents to communicate important information regarding the start of school (pick up and drop off procedures, face mask policies, etc). These meetings will take place on Tuesday (August 4th) and we are asking that only one parent come to the meetings to keep the number of people attending as low as possible and to create appropriate social distancing. We will be having the meetings according to divisions, however a parent with students in multiple divisions need only come to one of the meetings. The meetings will be held at the following times on Tuesday:

  • 09:00am         New Parent Orientation
  • 01:00pm         Elementary Division
  • 02:30pm         Middle School Division (*5th grade parent orientation to follow this meeting)
  • 04:00pm         High School Division

The meetings will be held in Harbor Hall. Upon arrival parents will have a temperature check and be asked to check in with the App MySejahtera.

We expect that the front parking lot will fill up during the day so some parents will need to park at the upper field parking lot. If a guard is not available at the side gate for screening please come down to the front gate to enter the campus.

We look forward to starting our new school year and are excited to welcome our students back to campus.

See you next week.

The Archive Page provides a list of older status updates that were previously displayed on this COVID information page. These cover the first half of 2020 (January - July).

Counseling Help Desk

Parents, we recognize there are joys and challenges with online learning. We hope this time with your children will be precious and special. We also understand you will have difficulties to contend with and we offer you our support during this time. This Help Desk is designed to provide you with links to help you encourage your children emotionally. We have included links to communicate with the counselors regarding specific needs you have.

(Please note: If you have questions regarding technology and the use of online learning resources, please contact the Tech Help Desk.)

Elementary School

Elementary Counselor / Specialist – Please click on this link to communicate with a counselor or online learning specialist.

Imagine Neighborhood – The Imagine Neighborhood is a series of podcasts to help your children talk with you about their feelings.

Sesame Street – Sesame Street offers videos, online books, coloring pages, and downloadable PDF’s to help your children process their feelings.

Middle School

Middle School Counselor / Specialist – Please click on this link to communicate with a counselor or online learning specialist.

Committee for Children – Committee for Children provides resources to help students and families navigate online education and other Covid-19 challenges.

Common Sense Media – Common Sense Media offers expert reviews, objective advice, and helpful tools for families in a digital world.

High School

High School Counselor / Specialist – Please click on this link to communicate with a counselor or online learning specialist.

Axis Parent Guide to COVID-19 – Advice for parents to support their teens during this time. Further resources from AXIS related to anxiety are found on the Dalat website’s AXIS parent resource page.

Habitudes Resources for COVID-19 – Ideas and conversation starters for home support of teens.


  • If you have any medical concerns, please get medical advice immediately.
  • For general medical questions only, please contact the nurse’s office at
  • If you have any questions about returning to Malaysia from international travel, please contact any of the school administrators.
  • School Administrator emails are as follows:


Dalat believes that face to face education is best for our students. Therefore, we will have face to face classes whenever we are allowed by the Ministry of Education. The MOE sets the dates and grade levels that are meeting face to face or learning from home. Dalat will follow the directions of the MOE.

Dalat plans to follow the published school calendar. The school will continue to monitor the status of the pandemic and keep parents informed of any changes.

Many changes will be implemented at Dalat to keep students healthy and also follow the instructions of the Ministry of Education.

During the break, the classrooms were deep-cleaned and sanitized. All classrooms and common surfaces are being disinfected twice per day. Students are encourage to wash and/or sanitize their hands each time they enter a classroom. Everyone entering campus is required to undergo temperature screening; anyone with a temperature above 37.5 C is not allowed to enter the camps.

Dalat will follow the guidance from the Ministry of Education related to wearing face masks at school.

Dalat expects parents to take reasonable precautions to keep all students healthy. This includes keeping your children home when they are sick. Parents should also encourage healthy practices, including hand washing, healthy eating, and plenty of sleep.

Everyone entering the Dalat campus will be subject to temperature screening and must register with the My Sejahtera app. Parents may come to the school office. Visitors much schedule an appointment and have a valid reason for entering campus

If your family is unable to return to Malaysia, please contact the admissions office ( The school will work with each family on what is best for their children. Dalat is not providing online learning options for those outside of the country at this time


Tips for Fact Checking Coronavirus “News”:

Don’t Get it From Social Media:

Do not get your information about the Coronavirus from social media. The majority of the news about the Coronavirus in social media is fake or false in some way. There are claims that possibly up to 80% of coronavirus news on social media is either fake or has false information in it.

Do Not Spread It:

Any coronavirus news that you got from social media or from word of mouth should not be spread until you have checked it out first. Do not become part of the problem of fake news.

Check it Out First:

If someone starts a sentence with the phrase “I heard. . . . . .” regarding the coronavirus do not believe it completely until you have checked it out first. Do not under any circumstances spread that information on to others until you have first checked it out.

Clarify With Friends:

You can talk about the coronavirus with friends and family but only do so if what you are saying is confirmed first by reputable organizations or letting them know what you are saying came from social media and is therefore suspect.

Take the Steps:

When you hear or read something about the coronavirus and you want to know if it is true do some fact checking first. Here is the steps to being a fact checker:

COVID-19 Financial Assistance Program

Dalat understands that many families are facing unexpected financial difficulties due to COVID-19. In an effort to support those in need, we have created the Covid-19 Financial Assistance Program that builds upon our strong sense of community here at Dalat. For families with significant financial challenges, this program enables them to apply for financial assistance in the form of a tuition discount that can range from 5-25%.

Dalat strives to be good stewards of its resources and therefore families should request only the amount they truly need at this time. Through the application process Dalat will strive to assess needs in such a way that the school can provide assistance to the greatest number of families.

To apply for possible financial assistance, please complete this application form and submit it to the finance office. Families will also need to include financial documents supporting their needs, as listed in the application. The application and information provided will be kept strictly confidential. Along with the application families may choose to explain any other extenuating circumstances to the financial assistance committee by writing a letter or scheduling an appointment to meet with a committee member. Families can begin submitting the form and financial documents starting on June 15th and Dalat will accept applications through to August 7th.

Once all documents have been received, the financial assistance committee will review them. The committee will begin reviewing applications in mid-July and will notify families of the decision via email. Notifications will begin on July 20. If, because of extenuating circumstances a family needs a response sooner they can let the finance office know when applying.

The intention of this program is to provide help and support to families during these difficult and challenging times. To truly be a caring community it is important that we support each other in many different ways and this program has been created for that reason.