Impact: Here, Near, Far

Program Description

My name is Beau Abdulla.  I am the Impact Coordinator at Dalat school.  The Dalat Impact program exists to foster hearts of service and compassion in our students.  This program is implemented contextually in all three divisions.  Impact opportunities at Dalat are segmented into three distinct categories: Impact Here, Impact Near and Impact Far.

Impact Here

Impact Here is characterized by service on the Dalat Campus. This can come through various formal programs like mentoring, tutoring, assisting teachers, helping in KICS, D league, campus projects, special events geared towards serving the Dalat staff etc. This can also be done informally by helping out on an individual basis through relationships with Dalat programs and staff. Division specific versions of Impact Here are currently being implemented in ES, MS and HS.

Dalat students painting art on the walls of the Galley

Impact Near

Impact Near is characterized by service outside of the Dalat campus but on the island of Penang. Often, through the Impact Near Program, Dalat will introduce students to local organizations and / or programs. Once the introduction is made, the students (and their families) are encouraged to serve and establish relationships independently of Dalat school. Division specific versions of Impact Here are currently being implemented in ES, MS and HS.

Dalat students serving at a local refugee school here in Penang

Impact Far

Impact Far is often referred to as Impact Trips. These are multi-day service based trips off the island of Penang. In the HS division, Impact Far trip opportunities are generally available to a variety of International destinations in SE Asia over the fall and Spring breaks. However, from time to time, domestic Impact Trips may be offered. In MS, introductory Impact Jr trips are offered once a year in 8th grade on a smaller scale domestically. Currently, Impact Far is not being implemented in the ES division.

Dalat students serving at a boys’ youth prison in West Java

Questions about the Impact Program?

Please contact the program coordinator, Beau Abdulla at with any questions about the Impact program.