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The Scrivener is a literary magazine compiled and edited by Dalat’s High School Creative Writing Club.

We seek to showcase the literary talent of the entire high school, as well as the Dalat staff. We welcome writing of all sorts, from poetry to creative nonfiction, and we love reading everything that people are willing to submit. We hope that you enjoy our little magazine!

What if a debonair reason danced with an elegant mystery? And neither complained about their toes being stepped on?

Particles of Light

Carin Roylance

The Noises
that Lie

Ziyu Moey

The girl named Kasumi smiled. “Yes.”

The dolphin swam blissfully
Through the deep, peaceful sea.
He listened intently for a sound.
And when he finally heard
The tiny tails swishing
Out in the royal blue abyss


Elizabeth Silverstein

Letter to a Yogurt Company

Sara Vossler

Dear Yogurt Company, I am writing to you about a particular product of yours, the Peachy Keen flavored fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt.

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