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The Scrivener is a literary magazine compiled and edited by Dalat’s High School Creative Writing Club.

We seek to showcase the literary talent of the entire high school, as well as the Dalat staff. We welcome writing of all sorts, from poetry to creative nonfiction, and we love reading everything that people are willing to submit. We hope that you enjoy our little magazine!

like the man
on the rusted bicycle
wheels calloused by potholes

Rice Stained Sidewalks

Abigail Rinkenberger


Finley White

The teenage experience Is about the speed of moments you treasure

Purple clutched the gaunt strands of fox fur Majestically lifted in the air like an elevator.

Sunny Blizard

Hsien Ler Sim

The Bird
that sang Freedom

Onyou Kim

Over these Walls, You believed in a world, A world Free from fright.

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