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The Scrivener is a literary magazine compiled and edited by Dalat’s High School Creative Writing Club.

We seek to showcase the literary talent of the entire high school, as well as the Dalat staff. We welcome writing of all sorts, from poetry to creative nonfiction, and we love reading everything that people are willing to submit. We hope that you enjoy our little magazine!

I wrote this haiku
It seemed easier than prose
I gamed the system

I Wrote This Haiku

Taylor Johnson

The Queen's
Silent Hands

Sara Vossler

Once more, your words will echo through the halls of the palace, and the once-­silent castle shall be filled with your song.

Write the last letter ever,
Haunt the void with a light.

A Final Plea

Benjamin Hollon

The Storm

Josh Conklin

Captain Peréz called above the chaos for his men to get to battle positions.

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