Parent Teacher Organisation (PTO)

Families Learning & Growing Together

The Dalat PTO extends a warm welcome to all families to learn and grow together in the Dalat community. We are blessed to be in a school that wholeheartedly encourages and supports active parent participation through the many school and PTO events and programs.

Parents have many opportunities to get involved through volunteer work within the school community by offering assistance and expertise in areas that benefit the Dalat community

At Dalat, we believe that strong bonds and long-lasting friendships are built when volunteers come together to serve at our various events. We also link parents with opportunities to serve the school by becoming a volunteer coach with the athletics division, a parent helper in Boy Scouts, or even a substitute teacher.

Through PTO, parents are also able to connect with special-interest groups such as the Dalat Moms in Prayer, Bible studies, grade-specific parent gatherings, language classes, and parenting seminars, in addition to activities and workshops organized by the school.

Over the years, PTO has grown from a faithful few to a sizable number due to the encouraging support from new and existing parents to actively participate and contribute towards building healthy and rewarding relationships within the school community. Our generous PTO community organizes events and activities, and all proceeds generated go towards the PTO fund, which in turn supports and blesses Dalat students, teachers, and staff

Some major PTO events include our PTO Family Fun Day, Thanksgiving Staff Appreciation Lunch, and the PTO Christmas Mingle Jingle first semester.

During the second semester, we organized the International Food Fair, showed appreciation to Dalat staff during Teacher Appreciation Week, and facilitated the Dalat Community Garage Sale. PTO Popcorn Mondays is a weekly labor of love, and the Valentine’s Cookie fundraiser also plays a big part in the Dalat PTO tradition.

From the funds we raise, we have been able to contribute to projects such as Annual Fund, give gift vouchers to all Dalat staff, and support the elementary school Battle of the Books competition, Junior Class, and IMPACT Service-Learning program. We’ve also had the privilege of supporting special projects for the Athletics department , Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts programs, Elementary School Library, Fine Arts department, Student Center, and Staff Lounge.

Our Objectives

Who Are We?

The Dalat PTO is made up of all Dalat parents, just like you – a group of fun-loving moms and dads who want to build a vibrant community to support our students, staff, and families.

Come and be part of the action!

As a parent, there are many ways to be involved at Dalat and everyone benefits — the students, the teachers and you! Whether you're ready to help out or simply want to join our community & see what’s going on, fill out the form below & we’ll get in touch with you!

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