School THEME


Dalat’s school theme for the 2020-21 school year calls us to pursue courage and to not let fear dominate our lives. Our challenge is to not let fear stand in our way of living our lives the best we can even when we’re not sure what tomorrow will bring our way. As we live through a major pandemic together, one that is changing our world and for many creating anxiety and uncertainty, we need to spend some time helping our students learn how fear is an important emotion that can help protect us in a dangerous world but can also hold us back, hinder us, or even be a negative force in our lives.

Download 2020-2021 Theme Wallpapers (1920x1080)

Throughout the coming year, we will bring the theme alive in our classrooms and focus on it together as a community. We are optimistic with all the possibilities this coming year brings and believe that our theme will be one that helps our students, school, and community truly live out our vision of “education for life.